Trying To Find The Best Colon Cleanser? Look At These Tips!

We’ve all heard about the wonderful effects of colon cleansing, but before you go in search of the best colon cleanser, you must understand the reasons for colon cleansing and how it works. First, colon cleansing has two main functions: to absorb excess water to level out the amount of electrolytes in your body, and to expel toxic waste from the body. When feces build up in the intestines, a buildup of bacteria can cause toxins to release into the body, which can be extremely harmful and not only cause large amounts of discomfort, but also poor health and loss of energy.

There are basically two different types of colon cleansing. The first is medicated, in which an over-the-counter product or prescription treatment is used. These colon cleansers usually come in the form of liquids, capsules, powders, enemas, and even teas. The second type of treatment is by natural colon cleansers. There are many recipes that discuss the main foods and herbs that will results in a colon cleanse. Many of these come in the form of drinks made from a blend of fruits and vegetables.

Colon irrigation method- Colon irrigation is often compared to an enema probably due to the fact that in both methods water is pumped into the colon area via the anus, by means of a pump. Up to twenty Gallons of water combined with herbs, probiotics or enzymes may be used along with massaging techniques to flush fluids and residue from the stomach. The method is painful, not to mention embarrassing and can possibly cost you an arm and a leg.

Top natural cleansing recipes- It is very important to take care when choosing a natural cleansing recipe as not all ingredients are safe to use. Please seek medical advice from your health care provider before initiating any treatment, no matter how safe it appears to be. Wonderful herbs for colon cleansing are aloe leaf which is an excellent laxative and flax seed which increases the needed fiber in the intestines as well as naturally increasing peristaltic movement in bowel area. You may be asking: What are the best colon cleansers? Fruit and Veggie fasting seems to be the ultimate in natural colon cleanser recipes. It is a beloved favorite not only due to its effectiveness, but from its safe-to-use quality. The kidneys and liver are gradually and very mildly cleansed from toxins by eating only fruit and vegetables three times a day, for three days. The only liquid you are allowed to drink during the three days is water, approximately eight glasses per day will be sufficient.