Stop Snoring

One of the considerable health issues for millions of people is snoring.Whether it’s you snoring or your partner you will most likely find that neither one of you is able to get a decent nights sleep!

So what precisely is snoring? It is anything from a mild noise to a loud unpleasant sound resulting from the soft tissues in the back of the throat vibrating, as your lungs work to draw air through narrowed airways.  Snoring may occur the entire time a person is asleep or just in a certain position, for example, when they only lie on their back.

While snoring is a very general health problem the most severe condition associated with snoring is sleep aponea.Loud, persistant snoring is usually one of the first signs of this disorder.  When a person’s muscles in their throat relax too much closing off the airway while they are sleeping, they will awake, gasping for air.This can occur from 30 to 300 times during the night and each incident can last up to ten seconds or more.Sleep aponea may also result in other heath issues.  Studies show that during obstructive sleep aponea the oxygen levels in the blood drop  causing strain on the heart which can lead to further problems like a stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes and eye disease.   Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the most common way to deal with sleep aponea.  This is a device that helps to keep the airway open while sleep,  however surgery is also another option to consider.

Causes of snoring

If you snore regularly you are more than likely not getting the best nights sleep possible.It is a good idea to consider the reason for your snoring to help you in eliminating it.  Causes of snoring are numerous but let’s start with a few of the more simple ones that are easier to rectify.

·         High alcohol consumption, especially before bed

·         Smoking

·         Obesity

·         Sleeping on your back

Some causes of snoring are structural like a narrow jaw, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, small passages or a crooked septum.Nasal problems can also result in snoring as they cause the passages to narrow, thus preventing a free flow of air.Anything from a cold or the flu to sinusitis and allergies may result in snoring.

Ways to Stop Snoring

If you are looking for a way to stop snoring you are not alone!There are thousands of people looking for ways to help their dilemma of snoring.Begin with a healthier lifestyle – stop smoking, lose that extra weight, avoid too much alcohol.These things on their own may be the answer to your difficulty.For many people, simply avoiding sleeping on your back will put an end to snoring.  Having clear nasal passages when you go to bed can also be very helpful.There are numerous anti snoring products available to people such as nasal strips, throat aprays, mouth guards and pillows.  Surgery is also an option but the success of these solutions may be dependant on your reason for snoring so make an appointment to see your doctor first.