People in wheelchairs, controlling their own destiny


A common image of disability is people in wheelchairs. A wheelchair is used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness or some other disability. Some people use wheelchairs temporarily due to some accident or operation. A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which a user can sit and move around either manually or through various mechanical or electrical systems.

People in wheelchairs form a great proportion of the population of people with disabilities. However, a lot of people still wonder how to approach and interact with people in wheelchairs. On the other hand, some people in wheelchairs can feel being deprived of one of their cherished things in life, which could adversely affect their mood, behaviour and activities.

The main thing to remember when dealing with people in wheelchairs is that they are people too and they deserve respect and dignity. Some people may hold the opinion that with out the human created devices for mobility like wheelchairs, disabled peopled will be crippled and not able to move any where. However, If you ponder over it, We all cover long and short distances by using human-made creations like cars, buses, trains, and airplanes. So we can say that, to resolve the issue of immobility we all are dependent on man-made products.

Quite a few people in wheelchairs are actually physically very strong. A few of them even run marathons in their wheelchairs. A person sitting on a well-designed wheelchair can move fast enough to beat a person walking by foot.

On the other hand, some of them need some psychological help. They can be really affected if they feel they are confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their life. They can have mood swings, appetite changes, irritability, and insomnia. However, it is up to us to make their world better in some way or other and make people in wheelchairs feel happy.

It is extremely vital for the people in wheelchairs to go for the therapy even if it is 1 session per month. This will help them open up and say what really is on their minds and hearts with a specialist who will guide them through their bad times. Their family members and friends can also assume the role of a therapist, by always being there for them and lending an ear to them when needed. One should always be positive and try to point out the good things in life. If possible, people in wheelchairs should meet other people in their same situation.

In general, people in wheelchairs should be treated just like another normal person. One should not pity on them, as it would be disastrous for their self esteem. Stephen Hawking, Christopher Reeve and Tom Whittaker are some of the wellknown wheelchair users.