Ozone Therapy is Alive and Well and Shows Both Promise and Merit…

Ozone generators that ozonate the air have been outlawed in California. However, ozonators that put ozone into oils and waters have not. The reason for this is that the ozone used in water and oils has demonstrated therapeutic value.

You can ozonate water and oils with a certain types of ozone generator – often referred to as an ozonator.

The problem with putting ozone into the air is that it has been shown to be a problem for lung tissue. You really do not want to breathe ozone if it can be avoided.

In fact, when ozone therapy is administered via a ‘body suit’, care is taken to make sure that the patient does not actually breath the ozone into their nostrils and lungs.

Ozone has been used therapeutically for a long time. It is likely more widely used in Europe than in the United States. However, medical grade ozone can be found in the United States too.

Some veterinarians utilize ozone to infuse (mix ozone with blood) as a therapy for killing very deadly protozoans that infect horses – particularly in Florida.

There appear to be many uses for ozone made from ozone generators. I once spoke with a nurse who told me that she was interested in using ozonated water to treat her husbands Gangrene. She said she was fighting to save his leg as the hospital had given up.

Using some type of clay therapy, she had made much progress. However, she decided that the ozonated water is what she really needed. Ozone is known to fight both bacteria and viruses.

It does seem a bit odd that modern medicine in the United States is not exploring all the possible uses for ozone and using it clinically. Again, the only real proven danger is in breathing ozone into one’s lungs. Otherwise, ozone appears to provide many other therapeutic benefits for the human body.

In regards to ozone, which can be made at home with an ozonator: More studies are needed – if you are a study oriented person. However, ozone has a history as a therapeutic agent.


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