Omron HR-100C Heart Monitor Review

One of the happening trends among health and fitness experts these days is the Omron HR-100C Heart Monitor Watch. Some other brands come with unnecessary complexity such as Positioning and Internet connectivity. This one does the basic things that heart monitors were supposed to actually do i.e show live heart-beats/rate, so that you can always have an eye on your fitness and troubleshoot problems. Its simplicity and ease of use is another plus point apart from its low price compared to brands like Garmin, Polar and Suunto. It has got the property of a perfect blend of simplicity and effectiveness. To learn more about this wonderful product, Omron HR-100C, read the review below.


As declared earlier, this Omron is beautiful and uncomplicated. Different to most of its competitors, the HR-100C is easy to use. It comes with a wrist band that is well ventilated thus making it really comfortable. This heart monitor has an alarm that indicates the user if the rate of their heart is too high or low. This is together a performance enhancer and security gauge to ensure your workouts or training is as effective as possible. This Omron Heart Rate Monitor also comes with a convenient chest strap or belt that connects to the watch to give a more perfect reading. In fact, the belt can send data to the handset down to a depth of 30 meters or 98 foot which is really good. The Omron HR-100C is also a great daily watch in that it has all the basic features for one. It comes with a back light, time and date display and also a daily prompt alarm.


There is just one problem that has arisen on this heart monitor watch. At times, users have complained that the chest strap has problems connecting with the watch. When it does connect, it is at times not that accurate. However, by re-adjusting the strap and resetting the watch, this problem can be overcome.

If you are looking for a reliable and easy to use heart monitor watch, try the Omron HR-100C. It is great piece of ingenuity that has taken the heart monitor industry by storm.

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