Introducing Decleor Skin Care

Decleor Skin Care has been a major part of the French cosmetic and cosmetceutical world since the early 1970s. Decleor offers a comprehensive skin care line covering everything from moisturizers to essential balms and night creams for men and women, but with an interesting and aromatic twist. Not only are Decleor products based in years of solid, scientific research, but they are also designed around the idea that aromatherapy can and should be part of every beauty and maintenance routine. These products double task like no other, combining the healing and clarifying powers of essential oils and fragrances with the best of natural cosmetic healing based in Eastern Holistic Philosophies.

Focus on Balance

Decleor Skin Care is all about establishing a natural equilibrium. Decleor has devoted over 30 years to intense research on comprehensive and highly effective beauty routines. Decleor products are always developed around natural ingredients and research, not expensive, useless ingredients or old wives’ tales. Science is just the beginning though. Decleor technology and design groups know that natural beauty results when you understand how every aspect of the body works together. They have isolated a vast array of natural products that lead to equilibrium and natural energy. This is where the aromatherapeutic aspect of Decleor comes in. Beneficial fragrances designed around natural scents and embodied in natural elements are blended into Decleor products. These fragrances lead to clarity of mind, less stress, greater focus and higher levels of vitality. The scents are subtle, but the effects are powerful. Using Decleor products yields the best results that science and nature together can offer.

Decleor Fragrance Therapy

Decleor’s aromatherapy line is probably the best line to examine in order to understand how your beauty regimen should benefit you physically and mentally. Decleor’s aromaessences are signature oil blends designed for specific skin types. The signature blends contain essential oils paired with plant extracts designed to hydrate, defend and fortify your skin. This enables you to get the combined forces of aromatherapy and phytotherapeutic (plant-based) treatments at the same time. Whether you are interested in skin protection, anti-aging or you have a specific problem like dry skin or oily skin that you hope to solve with Decleor Skin Care, you can be sure that in their range of over 300 products you will find one that meets all of your body’s needs as well as those of your mind.