Hemorrhoids: Simple Treatments and Remedies

When blood veins around the rectum and anus swell and become inflamed you have a case of hemorrhoids.  This condition is also known as the piles.  Symptoms associated with hemorrhoids include pain, itching and bleeding.  You might be surprised at how common hemorrhoids are.

Some cases of hemorrhoids are mild enough that you may be able to take care of the symptoms at home.  Some may be so severe that you need to see a doctor. 

One, don’t use rough toilet paper.  This is a fast way to irritate hemorrhoids.  Scented toilet paper can do the same.  It is best to use plain, soft, white toilet paper or moist wipes. The best way to treat hemorrhoids is just to shower or bathe when you use the restroom.

When you have to lift heavy objects bend at the knees.  Never lift with your back, and do not hold your breath when you are lifting.  These improper lifting techniques place a great deal of pressure and strain on your hemorrhoids.  Try to avoid lifting heavy objects at all when you have hemorrhoids.  If you must lift, be sure to use good lifting techniques. 

Don’t allow the presence of hemorrhoids to make you sedentary.  Even though you are likely to be a little uncomfortable it is better to move a little, get a little exercise even when you have hemorrhoids.  You may have to cut back an active exercise regime, but you should be able to walk and move about.

It’s a good idea in addition to a fiber rich diet that includes fruits and vegetables to include a quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.  Adding a daily nutritional supplement will help you ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.  An additional iron supplement will help keep your blood healthy, too.

Harsh laxatives, available in the local pharmacy, are not good for your intestinal health.  When you need constipation relief try natural laxatives like prunes, dandelion root extract, or flax seed oil.  These are more gentle on your system.

Use a cushion when you have to sit on a hard surface.  Use a regular cushion, not the donut cushion designed for hemorrhoid patients.  A donut cushion actually does more harm than good to your condition.  It restricts blood flow and places more pressure on the varicose veins.  Donut cushions cost $25 to $30, and are a waste of money. 

Follow-up with your doctor about your hemroid treatment.  Consult with your doctor before you try a different treatment or medication.