Advantages of a Healthy Lifestyle: How Fitness Benefits You

Fitness may seem like a huge sacrifice but the rewards are truly immeasurable. Not only will you live longer, you can also live it while looking younger and better.

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Still not sure about how your habits can affect your life?  Take a look at this rundown of the advantages of a life of health and fitness. Read more and you may be tempted to leave the unhealthy side.

1. Eating the right kinds of food and staying in shape results in more energy that spills over into work and play time. You will have increased energy for your work and be more active in your off time. Active people also seem more capable and independent. Active people are also perceived as more confident, approachable and charming.

2. Decreased illness- People who live a fit lifestyle get sick less. They are not as subject to illnesses that can slow down someone’s energy levels. As a result, healthy people complete much of what they intend to. They are not dragged down by issues with their health or time consuming doctors appointments. Since healthy individuals rarely have to use their sick time, they can often use the time for other purposes, like relaxation or vacations. They aren’t obligated to take sick time just because they are not well.

3. Look younger- People who live healthier lives are more attractive than those who smoke and drink too much. Alcohol and cigarettes make people look older by drying up the skin and causing wrinkles. Chemicals in alcohol and cigarettes reduce the amount of nutrients that are absorbed into the body, depriving it of vitamins and minerals that keep the organs and skin functioning at peak efficiency.

Being younger looking gives you a whole other set of advantages, from career options, to a more active social and love life. Whether or not we want to admit it, appearance counts.  Being more attractive and young looking can take you places. As shallow as it is, more attractive people have more friends and romantic involvements. Society loves attractive people.

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4. Clear thinking- It is not true that chemicals in drugs, cigarettes and alcohol  amp up creativity levels. These effects are bad for overall body functioning and actually very short-lived.People who make the time to  live healthfully and eat well are more able to think clearly. Active individuals are more able to focus and thus accomplish much more than less healthy people. Healthy people also have better memories and are more reliable.

5. Emotionally secure- Active people who live a lives of health and fitness are happier. Since they are not plagued with by health problems, they are able to enjoy their lives more.They worry less and are more able to cope with stress. This may be because they don’t have to count on chemicals to cope with problems in their lives. Living a healthy lifestyle makes it easier to get through the pressures of daily life.

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