Understanding Common Medical Conditions

There are thousands of medical conditions that are considered “common” to the general population. While some of these conditions are easily treatable, some are more difficult, or unable to be treated on a permanent basis.

It is difficult to understand how the doctors’ “scale” of commonality vs. rare works, but we have put together a sample list of conditions that are pretty high up on the list that doctors consider to be the most common medical conditions, based off of a high percentage of sufferers.

Migraines, for the most part, are very severe headaches. Some people experience them on a daily basis while others never have to suffer a true migraine. Everyone has had a minor, or even considerable headache, but migraines can be utterly debilitating if suffered in excess, with symptoms such as sensitivity to light, sound, and even motion.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) – Diagnosis of ADHD has increased a great deal. This disorder yields symptoms such as: inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. While this is extremely common in children and teens, adults may also suffer from ADHD, feeling more of a sense of restlessness than hyperactivity. ADHD treatment varies, though most often it is treated through medication.

Depression is a very common condition that more than 45% of Americans suffer. Most people experience depression throughout their lives in some way or another, and some cases can be much more severe than others. Some people are more prone to become depressed due to life circumstances or experiences, such as new mothers, war veterans, or someone who has recently lost a loved one.

Other common conditions one may suffer are the symptoms of allergy and asthma as well as influenza (aka “flu”). Allergies and asthma most often go hand-in-hand, but a doctor should be sought if you experience any chest “tightness” or have difficulty breathing. Treating flu symptoms can be easily done via an over-the-counter medication, however children and the elderly have a higher risk when fighting off the flu virus. 

Common medical conditions are just that—common. There is no need to panic about them, doctors have the way to treat you for a common medical problem down to a science, so no need to worry, you will be just fine.