Three top things you should consider before choosing acai berry trial

Acai berry trial is now very popular among everyone looking for health foods. The benefits of acai berries are now available for people all over the world through acai berry products. If you are in need of acai berry products, take advantage of the free trial offered by several companies.

After placing an order, you can use the products for free for 14 days. If you don’t like the acai berry product, then you have to cancel the trial membership and keep the products you have ordered. On the other hand, you can use the membership and get acai berry products shipped to you regularly if you don’t want to cancel your trail membership. When you order for acai berry trial, you have to concentrate on three important facts about the product you are about to order.

1.You must order the product that contains acai pulp. Those products that are made of acai berry seeds must be ignored. It is only the pulp of acai berry that contains all health benefits. You have to buy those products that are made of acai pulp. The product must be made out of purple acai berries. The white ones are not found to contain health benefits like the purple berries.

2.    The acai pulp used in the preparation of product must be freeze dried within 24 hours of harvesting. Unless this method is followed, you will be left with acai berries with no nutrition at all. If any other method is used the product, then the acai berry product is not very healthy.

3.Maltodextrin is a chemical compound that spoils acai benefits and so, choose products without this chemical. This compound is a chemical that has various health disadvantages. Legitimate acai berry products will not contain this chemical.

While ordering free trial, you may be charged for shipping and handling of the products. Remember that this cost will not be refunded when you cancel your trial membership.