Stress and You

I found that a variety of magazines have useful articles on stress as well. Most of the tips all focus on the same concepts – breathing, counting to 10 and taking time to focus on your own self. While all of those suggestions are probably more helpful to others than they are for me, I would prefer stress elimination type of article anytime. I don’t even know if there are any suggestions out there for that, but if there are, sign me up!

In my investigating, some of the articles on social anxiety disorder depression suggest taking relaxing vacations to remove yourself from the situation. For those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, that isn’t always a possibility. Nowhere in any of those articles on stress did they make a suggestion as to how I can afford to take a holiday without the stress of the financial. If you are looking for methods to manage your stress, be sure you can find one that are practical and applicable to your lifestyle. Don’t accrue any additional financial stress that will harm you more in the long run.

I have lost many nights of sleep due to stress.  Perhaps, it is time to get one of those sleep disorder adjustable bed for myself.

My personal favourite of all time are articles that talk about stress management. There is this place that teaches me to learn to say no. But I was thinking and thinking…How on earth do I say no to my boss when I’m feeling overwhelmed with the work. Well most of us do hold and chew more than we can handle outside the area of work. But I am sure if I tell my boss a No, I will be shown the door very soon. Many of the articles on stress management control had some great tips as to how to maintain your cool even in the heat moment.