Natural Yeast Infection Treatment

Yeasts are a natural fungus that we all need. Our bodies do require that some yeast be present and as long as it doesn’t become excessive that is ok. The problems occur when there is too much of the fungus and it causes an infection. Once you start to understand how yeast grows and develops you can better avoid providing those conditions which should prevent many problems.

Yeast lives and thrives in warm and damp areas so it is those same areas of the body that are susceptible to yeast growth. Always wearing clean and dry underwear will reduce the chances of infections developing though it won’t be a yeast cure. Tight fitted under garments made of synthetic materials do not allow your body to breathe properly. They can help provide the right conditions for yeast growth. Cotton is a better material for allowing your body to breathe and dry out. It should also go without saying that you should always wear clean panties each day.

The connection between diabetes and yeast growth is surprising but logical. If you have trouble controlling your diabetes you may be more likely to develop yeast problems. Extra sugar in the urine helps provide the conditions the yeast fungus loves. Even those of you who do not have diabetes might find it is helpful to reduce your sugar intake.

Scented toilet paper, scented tampons, and other feminine deodorant sprays can also make life more comfortable for yeast to grow leading to yeast infections. Get out of your sweaty damp clothing after playing sports as the dampness encourages yeast.

Everyone has a certain amount of yeast present in our body at all times and this is natural. The beneficial bacteria get killed off with the bad so the ones that maintain control of yeast growth die off too. There are certain types of antibacterial soap and using these may be killing some of these helpful bacteria. It may be best to avoid the use of soaps in the vaginal region as perfumed products and the dyes that are used might affect your ph balance.

You should check to see if the clothing detergent you use gives you problems. It may be that changing brand could solve some problems. Beneficial bacteria may be killed off if you use douches so cut down or stop using them if you are concerned. If you are wanting to fight yeast infections then antibiotics and antibacterial deodorants will make it more difficult.

Chemotherapy can lead to problems with yeast infections. If you are taking immunosuppressive drugs they may increase the likelihood of developing yeast infections. Cortisone based drugs may also reduce your chances of resisting a yeast infection.

You may be more likely to develop yeast infections during your period and during pregnancy. When wearing pads or tampons during periods they should be changed quite often. Anytime you are suffering from stress or any sickness you are likely to have a lower resistance to any infection. So while there are some things you can do to resist yeast infections they cannot be entirely eliminated and natural cures for yeast infection can never be total cures.