Mole Remove

There are several types of mole remove procedures, and they can normally be classified into surgical, laser and homemade. Excision represents the surgical mole remove method; this therapy consists in the cutting of a mole and possibly the area surrounding it, so that there is no chance of the skin tag to regrow. Depending on how deep the mole goes, the cutting will be more serious or only superficial. Doctors can approximate but not determine exactly the size of the cut, because most of the medical tests detect the size of the nevi, but not their depth. In case stitches will be used, the risk of scarring is a bit higher.

remove a mole

No stitches are necessary for the superficial mole remove; cauterization will nevertheless be used in order to accelerate the healing and stop the bleeding. In this group of interventions, we have to refer to the one known as shaving, which simply removes the mole from the surface of the skin. There is no pain or tissue trauma involved in this process, but some mole cells could be left behind after the intervention. Therefore, the doctor has to weigh the pros and cons of shaving the moles or turn to some other form of procedure.

The more modern alternative for mole remove is laser therapy, that is much praised because of its little invasiveness. While flat moles can be easily removed by laser, not the same thing can be said about raised ones. The light cannot get through the tissues and destroy the mole root especially if it is very large. Thus, instead of laser treatment, your doctor may advise for surgery in order to perform a complete mole removal. Therefore, in some specialists’ opinion, laser therapy has yet to prove its efficiency in dermatological procedures like moles removal.

mole remove

Finally, in case you decide to go for a natural way of mole remove, there are several remedies available in the household. pineapple juice, cauliflower, garlic, Castor oil, honey,  and fig stems extract represent cures that have been part of traditional home medicine for hundreds of years. However, tradition doesn’t make the procedures safe, because the attempts of removing moles at home have often resulted in a deterioration of the health condition and even the appearance of cancer. Such unfortunate cases are explained by the cellular reactions triggered by some natural remedies in malignant moles. Consequently, the safest option one’s got for mole remove treatments is the medical one.