Mole Removal Surgery

Many people develop the skin dark spots called moles over the years, even if some are born with them. The problem with these skin formations is that some of them look very much like melanoma, a form of skin cancer, and statistics indicate that cancer could in fact start from such nevi. Yet, only a trained professional can pass a diagnosis and usually on the basis of a biopsy test. It takes a very well trained eye to recognize the harmless moles from the dangerous ones. In terms of treatment, mole removal surgery represents the most widely used method of eliminating skin threats or improving skin look.

mole removal plastic surgery

Mole removal surgery falls into different categories that range from the basic shaving and classical excisions to laser therapy and cauterization. The type of method or approach is decided by the doctor based on the anatomical specificity, and sometimes on the patient’s preference. Thus, one technique or another may require the use of stitches. With excision for instance, both the mole and the surrounding skin will be cut. The excision may be deep or superficial according to the size of the mole. No cutting is necessary for the shaving procedure, as the mole is simple flushed together with the skin surrounding it.

As a mole removal surgery method that it can leave mole cells behind, under the skin. A common stage in the mole surgical treatment is the cauterization to close the wound by stopping the bleeding. Afterwards, topical antibiotics are used to prevent the appearance of infections. It is important to know that laser mole removal surgery in its turn requires several therapy sessions, with the mention that it is efficient only on flat moles alone.

mole removal surgery

The extent of mole removal surgery is not longer than an hour, but it can sometimes last more than that depending on how many moles need to be removed. Both before and after the intervention it is advisable to discuss with the doctor and learn about the steps you’ll go through and find out what measures are necessary to maintain a good skin health. Sometimes surgery is not even an option, almost everybody has moles, but doesn’t have them removed until there is something wrong with them. If you have more special larger moles, it is recommended to keep them under observation in order to notice any change of color or size.