Many Ways to Get Taller

Frustrated with your height, don’t let it be. There are millions of people all over the world that thing that they’re stuck with the height they’re with. There are actually several very effective ways to get taller and improve your bone health. These two factors actually have more in common than you would think.

Now, let’s discuss a bit about how our bones grow. When we were babies, most of our skeleton consists of cartilage. This is why we have so many bones when we’re younger than when we’re adults. As we grow, much of the cartilage in our bodies shifts and ossifies, becoming hard, adult bones. Cartilage growth plates are the primary cause for much of our growth when we’re going through puberty—exercise and a good diet can help your bones lengthen effectively during this crucial time in your life.

Why is exercising when you’re young important? One thing for sure, it releases height growth hormones, which makes you grow faster and effective. Just as important, though, is that it keeps your bones healthy and strong by allowing them to grow to the most of their potential.

A healthy diet is also extremely essential. Many people don’t realize that when they have poor diets, they actually risk stunting their growth. When you’re young, it’s important to have a steady intake of calcium, protein, amino acids, and calories to ensure that you have the power to grow and move. These nutrients are also helpful in helping your body in replenishing itself as old cells die out and new ones take their place. Remember, your body is shifting into hyper drive during puberty—it needs all the additional help it can get.

If you’re an adult, your exercise and diet are still essential ways to get taller and stay taller. However, don’t fall for advertisements that claim that stretches and exercises will actually lengthen your bones after they’ve already stopped growing. This is not true. However, exercising keeps you trim and fit, which helps when you’re dressing to look taller. A good diet that’s rich in calcium in particular will help keep your bones strong and even prevent shrinkage when you grow older.

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