Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Special Weight Loss Story

Jennifer tells her amazing story

Jennifer Nicole Lee is one of the hottest fitness and bathing suit models in the world today. She often appears on the front cover of magazines and is also popular for photo shoots around the world. This is not the reason for writing the article. This is a health and fitness article, not some admirer’s fan mail.

The reason I am writing this article is that story is one which every woman who wishes to lose weight and tone her body should know about. Men and women quite often believe that cover girls and models where born with a beautiful body and ordinary people never will be able to achieve a great looking body, Jennifer Nicole Lee story tells us somthing different.

Just a few years ago, Jennifer was a mother of 2 and weighed over 200 pounds. She was not a spectacular person. Trust me, I’ve seen pictures. She decided she wanted to transform herself. From a long learning process she learned by trial and error, she actually managed to lose 70 pounds and tone the body in such a way that she was able to win the Miss Bikini USA contest and other fitness and modeling contests. Now, she appears in TV shows and being interviewed in magazines.

Perhaps you wonder why I am telling you this?

The reason I am telling this is not because you should go for being a model, but you can turn things in life around and lose weight. You just need to do the right things. The proscess Jennifer Nicole Lee went through was not easy, on the other side it was not as difficult as you think it could be. You just need to workout right, eat right, and get into the right frame of mind and you’ll achieve your weight and fitness goals.

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