Is GERD Dangerous?– What to Look For

“Is GERD dangerous?”

A lot of people take the approach that “Oh, it’s only heartburn. I’ll just take some antacid and live with it.”

That way of thinking might be OK in very mild cases but extremely dangerous for others. There are some signs of possible serious problems you should know about.

To begin consider is the degree of the symptoms. Although it’s not a 100% correlation, more dangerous cases of reflux are often associated with more severe symptoms.

Another important point is how often the symptoms occur. If symptoms only occur twice a year, that’s very different from when symptoms are very frequent.

Keep in mind that the symptoms of acid reflux are caused by acid backing up out the stomach where it belongs into the esophagus. Since the esophagus wasn’t designed to handle gastric acid, the acid damages it. That injury can cause to very significant complications.

I’m not going to list them here but I suggest you find out more about the various complications of acid reflux at: Complications of Acid Reflux.

Another symptom that should lead someone to seek medical treatment is if they have a respiratory symptom along with their GERD. These symptoms often include asthma, wheezing, coughing or frequent colds and episodes of bronchitis.

The respiratory symptoms come up because it’s possible for the stomach acid to back up all the way to the upper esophagus where it can irritate the throat and larynx and even go down the wind pipe. It’s clear that Obviously, having acid splash into your larynx, windpipe and lungs might do some damage.

I think with any health issue it’s always a good idea to educate yourself as much as possible.

A good site that I found for information on acid reflux is Treat Acid Reflux Now

Since you’ve read this, you’d probably be interested in their page Is GERD Dangerous?

The main thing is not to assume that Gerd and reflux are just trivial problems that you can ignore. As always if you have any doubt it’s better to be safe than sorry and get a medical evaluation rather than ignoring symptoms.