Hormones And Acne – The Connection Between Hormones And Acne

There is a well known and well documented link between hormones and acne.Teens, pregnant women and menstruating women all usually get breakouts because of this.This is why birth control is so good at stopping breakouts in women; it calms and regulates their hormones.

This is wonderful for any women that take birth control, but what is everyone else going to do?Is there a remedy available to deal with the connection between hormones and acne?  Well it’s actually much less complicated than you think.

The single most important thing is to stop focusing on your acne symptoms.Why do we insist on using all of these chemicals on our skin if the real reason we break out is due to hormones and acne?  These treatments are only good at taking care of our acne symptoms…heck, often they can barely even do that much!

Rather than using harsh chemical treatments, you should take care of horomones and acne holistically.If you do this, you can eliminate the cause of acne because your addressing the real causes.

Eliminating the link between hormones and acne isn’t at all difficult or hard to do.  It is mostly caused by our lifestyle.Changing my diet was the most important thing for me.  Things like dairy, white sugar and white carb’s all had to go as they either bring in to many outside hormones, in the case of dairy, or they cause our bodies to produce to many hormones, such as with sugar.

The link here in both cases seems pretty clear.The extra hormones injected into dairy cows or the extra hormones caused by white sugar makes the sebaceous glands make to much oil.This is what those bacteria feed off of.To eliminate the excess oil and bacteria that is on our face, we have to stop the link between hormones and acne.

By addressing this link between hormones and acne, you can quickly, naturally and cheaply solve all of your acne problems.You’ll never treat your acne problems if you foucs on the symptoms.  Instead, use a holistic approach and eliminate that link between hormones and acne.