Did You Know You Can Increase Your Height Naturally?

Do you really want to increase your height because you’re so sick and tired of being short? With an increase in height, it can give you the extra confidence that you need for your personal power. But if your family isn’t inherently tall, what can you really do to increase your height?

In this article, I’m going to show you several natural ways on how you can increase your height. The best part is that these methods have no side effects, unlike going for surgery or eating medicine to Grow Tall. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to share with you some ways that you can naturally increase your height.

The first thing you can look to increase your height is your nutrition. While nutrition has been discussed in many circles of health, it remains one of the fundamental aspects in your quest to grow taller. If you’re taking drugs and pills to grow taller, be warned that there may be side effects in the long run. They may contain certain amounts of nutrition and vitamins which are needed for height increase, but you can also get these necessary nutrients in natural foods.

Perhaps no one has ever mentioned this to you, but did you realize that you can boost your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels by eating certain types of food? In fact, you may already be able to prepare these foods from the existing ingredients you have in your kitchen! Growing another 2 – 3 inches over a period of weeks is possible when you combine an increase in Human Growth Hormone levels with a proper “How To Get Taller” program.

One of the natural ways to grow taller is through regular exercise. By stretching your body on a regular basis, it helps to straighten out your spinal column so you start to stand up straighter. When you strengthen your core muscles, it helps you to have good posture.
Did you know that they discovered something amazing about zero gravity? In space, without the gravity to pull your body down, astronauts have been know to “increase their height” by 1 – 2 inches! What happened was their spines “uncompressed” in zero gravity and caused them to become taller than they normally were. But when they come back down to earth, they usually return to their normal height.

Swimming is one of the ways to increase your height. Your body floats in water when you swim, and thus there’s less pressure on your spine When you swim, the free movement required of your entire body helps to stretch out your body! Not only that, swimming also helps to build up your muscles to give you a healthier, stronger and fitter body. You’re not going to grow another 1 – 2 feet by swimming, but what it’ll do is to relieve some pressure on your spine while giving you the opportunity to develop your body.

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