Home Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis

For years, Julie had tried numerous home remedies for bacterial vaginosis and had suffered from many episodes of this unpleasant condition. So much so that it was literally ruining her life.

She had to contend with all the usual symptoms, such as the burning itching, the grey, watery discharge and that sickly, horrible, stomach-churning smell. Julie was literally at the end of her tether and having tried just about every bv treatment going, a good friend recommended a natural treatment. Rather skeptically, she gave it a go and she has allowed me to tell her story.

Around Christmas last year, I began to notice that I smelled really bad. Not just the usual womanly type smell, but this was really offensive-so much so that I began to feel like vomiting. At first I wondered if I was not washing enough, so I started to fit in an extra shower at night as well as my morning one. Even so, it just got worse. I was living at home at the time and my mom mentioned that she had noticed a smell (in the way that only moms can!). We talked about it and the next day, I went to see my doctor. He was a bit dismissive really, but said he was sure I had Bacterial Vaginosis and sent me away with some antibiotics.

Id never heard of this, but I took the antibiotics and within a couple of days, my symptoms subsided and I was back to normal. I felt an incredible sense of relief and my confidence returned. However, it was short-lived!

Within a few short weeks, I noticed that now-familiar itching and that smell.

By this time Id managed to get myself a boyfriend and it was early days. This was the last thing I needed. I immediately went to the doctors for more antibiotics and they sure seemed to do their job again. This happened twice more within just a few months and I was tearing my hair out. The antibiotics just didnt seem to be clearing it properly. I spent a fortune on over the counter bacterial vaginosis treatments but they were, quite frankly, an expensive waste of money.

I carried wet-wipes with me everywhere, plus clean underwear. I seemed to spend half my life in the restrooms, cleaning myself up, but I really stank. Things had moved on with my boyfriend and we began to have a sexual relationship. I just couldnt bring myself to tell him about the bacterial vaginosis and I would make excuses not to have sex unless I had literally just jumped out of the shower or bath. He thought Id gone off him. The truth was, I was ashamed!

I eventually told a really good friend of mine all about the problems with bacterial vaginosis. In fact she admitted that shed noticed that some days I smelled bad but she didnt know how to tell me. Shed guessed it was bacterial vaginosis and confessed that shed had the condition a couple of years ago. This was probably my lowest point. I thought I was doing a great job of hiding it by cleaning myself up all the time but obviously not! If shed noticed, who else had? My boss? My work colleagues? My big brother? People on the bus? How utterly embarrassing!

There were a few tips she gave me which really helped and Id like to share them with you:-

* Try soaking a tampon in live yogurt and inserting in the vagina

* Try taking garlic capsules as this is a natural antiseptic and can help clear the inflammation

* Do not overwash and avoid the use of any perfumed products around the vaginal area

She also told me about home treatments for bacterial vaginosis which she had found very successful. I was really dubious at first but decided to give it a go.

I guessed I had nothing to lose and there were a few things which attracted me. First of all, the treatments were all-natural. Secondly, it would save me lots of money-antibiotics are so expensive! Really though, I liked the fact that it promised that you would be symptom-free within 3 days.

Well, after having symptoms on and off for months, I figured 3 days was not long to wait! (Plus, I had the rather nice back up of the guarantee if it didnt work!)

Basically, these no-nonsense home remedies for bacterial vaginosis did exactly as promised. I began to notice a big change the next day and within 3 days, I didnt smell horrible any more and the discharge had gone. I was back to feeling completely fresh and back to normal.

Ive never had it since!

If you would like to see the exact treatments which Julie used so successfully, you can get details of this and other helpful information about this condition by checking out home treatments for bacterial vaginosis

You can also find lots of helpful information about bacterial vaginosis at home remedies for bacterial vaginosis

Providing you are prepared to invest a little time and effort, you will learn strategies which will ensure that you have no repetition of BV. Like many thousands of women worldwide, you can be completely free of this condition by using home treatments for bacterial vaginosis

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