Your Banking Experience

To understand where we are we need to define where we have been going. This process has taken many centuries.

Yet some think it can be solved with the use of a pen. Lets begin with the concept.

Finance is the process of channeling funds from savers to users in the form of credit, loans, or invested capital through agencies including banks and investment companies.

It is how people study people and businesses to make and use money.

A discipline concerned with determining value and making decisions. The viewpoint of corporate finance decision-makers, which includes profitability ratios.

It uses the concepts of time, money and risk to see how they are interrelated. Or so we have been told. This all comes apart if all parties dont agree.

Next lets look at credit. This is the major stumbling block. It is the promise of payment at a later time.

So with the understanding that time is money, we now enter the concept that we will be paid more later for something that may have less value then.

In addition we no longer have full use of the item at this time when we know its true value. And if we also are spending more than we have or can borrow, we place ourselves in a position called upside down. Now lets pretend we were stupid enough to borrow from someone who didnt like us. banking requires a minimum IQ.

This is a plot that should be on a t.v. show not being developed by governments! In the cable show The Sopranos they only gave you a limited time to pay up.

As I understand the United States is currently in debt to China. So why is Congress wasting time arguing over the problem they created with dumb laws and no oversight?

So far even the worst possible results have failed to get our elected officials into gear.

Washington-based American Association of Suicidologys Executive Director, Lanny Berman says the unemployed have two to four times the suicide rate of employed adults. Fear is tearing this economy apart.

Fear of unemployment. Fear of foreclosure. Fear of investments. Fear of retirement. Fear of the unknown.

It was bad enough when government employees went Postal. Now mothers and fathers are killing their own families all across America! When will it end?

And where will it end? These conditions have existed for years, yet as long as it only happened to those people it was acceptable. But middle America is now feeling the hardships of those bums who just needed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps! So now we pretend this is new and get to work on a solution.

The only question is just who will we include in the rescue? First the big banks, then maybe a few homeowners. But what of those without homes?

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