You Should Perform A Registry Scan On Your PC If Your Computer Is Running Slow

Having problems with a slow pc? We all go through that especially when your computer has been with you for over a year without any maintenance work or updates.

Ordinarily, many assume that the problems is in lack of memory and space, that your hard disk is full and you should just delete files to free up some space. Unfortunately while that may be one reason (if your hard disk is really full with less 5% space left), often times the problem lies in your registry files.

A registry is part of your operating system in Windows. It is a key tool to making your programs run. It starts to fail when you start changing your setting or from daily prolonged surfing online. It tends to get bloated with missing or invalid and obsolete entries.

Thus, the more you tinker with your system and download files to your computer, then delete them, the faster your registry will get fragmented, and the performance of your computer will be greatly affected.

Listed below are some of the common problems of a faulty registry:

• Your computer hangs. This is when the mouse cursor or keyboard stops responding. The cursor will not move at all. With this situation, you will lose your work (if not saved) because you will have to either manually restart your computer, or press on Control-Alt-Del.

• Surfing on the internet takes too long. The waiting time between opening and closing websites start taking too long. Plus, you cannot open video or music files without it stalling.

• Boot up takes forever. When you turn on your computer, and it takes forever to open, then you have a system problem. Many times, the cause of slow boot ups is caused by a bloated registry. You may also start seeing error messages about corrupt files.

• You see the blue screen. The kiss of death is when your monitor turns blue and you get a message about your system not functioning.

All these can happen suddenly and without warning, so your best option would be to find a registry cleaner that will prepare you for such eventuality or, better yet, prevent it from happening at all.

If you have any experience with how an operating system works, you can clean out your registry manually, although this could take a lot of your time, and you might delete an important operating system file in the process.

If you have no experience, there are several reputable registry cleaners products that will do the job for you. Look for one that can scan and automatically fix the problem by cleaning out obsolete files, then compressing your registry so that it will function like new. It would also be a good idea to find a registry repair program program that you can keep updated, thereby your computer is always updated as well.

There is something about your computer not functioning that gives you a sinking lost feeling, like someone died. Performing a system registry check will really make this scenario just about impossible.

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