Worthwhile Travel Specials For The Spring Of 2009

As the recession sets in, commercial enterprise begins the struggle of staying afloat during an economic downtown. The days of profit taking are now in the rear-view mirror as businesses strive to stay economically viable, while the economy works to right itself. Even the most profitable, most stable companies of yesteryear are finding these times tough. We have all heard the struggles of companies such as Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler, but other known companies such as Disney, Marriott, and United Airlines are working hard to weather this economic storm.

As a consumer, you and I will begin to see special offers thrown at us, in an effort to attract our dollars to these major travel industry providers. To date, one of the more aggressive companies in the travel discount offers has been the Walt Disney corporation. Whether you are seeking to travel to Disney Land in California or Walt Disney World in Florida, you will find a large variety of discount specials designed to attract your vacation dollars to Disney properties.

bDisney World Specials

One such special currently being offered by Walt Disney World is a Buy 4 Get 3 For Free special. We originally mentioned this special in December of 2008, and the special was originally slated to end in December, but now in February of 2009, that special is still ongoing. With this package, if you buy four nights at Disney World, you will get three more nights for free. That is a wonderful special offer.

If you live near an AirTran Airways hub airport, you can get significant air travel discounts for your seven days at Walt Disney World Resorts, when you order your air travel with your Disney vacation. AirTran serves has routes into and out of airports mostly on the East Coast, but also in the Midwest and Plain states, as well as a few western airports. Visit the AirTran website to learn more specific information about the routes that they serve.

If you are planning for a Spring Break getaway, select Walt Disney Resorts are also offering a $74 per night special.

Now, my kids are too young for those dream Disney vacation deals, so I have to look elsewhere for my travel specials. My kids love visiting zoos and animal parks, so that is what we usually do on vacation.

bSan Diego Zoo Specials

To find the kinds of travel deals I look for, visit any of the zoo websites and you could be very impressed by the travel specials that they offer. For example, the San Diego Zoo is offering wonderful family travel packages. You can get three days and two nights for a family of four, complete with hotel rooms and zoo tickets, for only $144. This package is regularly priced at $534.

For the San Diego Wild Animal Park Safari, you can get the same three days and two nights in a hotel with tickets to the Safari, for only $164. This package also normally retails for $534.

Given that the San Diego Zoo is offering their packages for two-thirds off the regular rate, it is clear that the Zoo is willing to throw away a lot of profits, just to keep the cash registers ringing.

bDont Be Afraid To Shop Around

Many of the travel destinations that you and I would like to visit, have an online presence in the form of a website dedicated to share information about a given destination.

If you have a travel destination that you would like to visit this summer, dont be shy about seeing if they have a website. If you do, you might just find that the destination is offering some pretty handsome travel deals this spring and summer.

bAnson Werner spends his spare time shopping travel offers and learning tricks to help him save money and get more enjoyment from his limited travel dollars. Recent finds include a 3-day/2-night vacation for two to Las Vegas for $49, and a trick for getting a free cruise for his family. Ansons friends had always asked him about the travel savings he finds, so he decided to share his knowledge and discoveries in his travel blog at: http://www.shoppingtraveldeals.com/blog/

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