Who Needs An Emergency Flight?

Air ambulance is an aircraft, (usually a Helicopter but also airplanes) used for emergency evacuation in case the patient has to get into a hospital as soon as possible but can not get there buy an ordinary ambulance because he is in a distant place or in other situations where he needs the evacuation as soon as possible like if he is seriously injured and an ordinary ambulance would be too slow to save his life.

The Air ambulance crews are trained to escort the patient and are supplied with equipment that enables them to provide medical treatment to a critically injured or ill patient.

But who really needs an air ambulance? and what considerations should we take before calling an Air Ambulance?

An Air Ambulance is used in many places such as:

Air ambulance in the military: During World War 1, air ambulances were first tested by the army.

Aircraft were still old and primitive but the idea was successful and by 1936, there was an organized military air ambulance service which was evacuating wounded from the Spanish Civil War for medical treatment in Nazi Germany.

The first dedicated use of helicopters by U.S. forces occurred during the Korean War (1950-1953) to evacuate casualties from the battlefield and to move critical patients to more advanced hospital ships.

The knowledge and expertise at the use of aircraft as ambulances continued to evolve, until the idea has spread to civil causes.

Air ambulance in Organizations: Air ambulance service is provided by a variety of different organizations worldwide such as military civilian groups, government funded, Private organizations, donated by a business enterprise, or funded by public donations.

There are also dedicated aircraft and those with multiple purposes and roles.

There are also different types of aircrafts used, including rotary-wing, fixed-wing, or very large aircraft.

In almost all jurisdictions, private aircraft charter companies provide non-emergency air ambulance service on a fee-for-service basis.

Air Ambulance has to stand in all of the given standards such as: professional trained medical crew, professional pilot and professional equipment and interiors

Important points when calling an air ambulance is to check: whether they have all the standards, do they work with all of the insurance companies, how quickly can they reach the target and how quick the service (should be 24/7 service) is. Also check how old the company is and if the prices are reasonable

For example: Orange Aviation is a company that gives a worldwide air ambulance service, has a 24/7 quick service, 34 years of experience, works with all insurance companies, stands in all of the standards (has modern aircrafts, well trained medical staff as well as professional pilots) and has low prices.

You can read more about a href=http://www.or-av.com/ target=_blank>Air-Ambulance and Medical Flight issues here.

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