What You Should Do About A Slow PC

So your PC is running slow, freezing up all the time, and taking forever to start up and shut down, and you have figured out that the registry is the problem, but you need a Windows registry tutorial in order to fix it

Heres a bit of an overview as to how the registry repair program works. You will want to first perform a system restore. When it opens, you should then choose a restore point that is before the date when you started having problems like system crashes and freezes. After you have performed this step, follow the prompts and you can then restore your systems configuration to how it was on the date you chose to enter.

This may be all that you need to do, though it is likely that there will still be problems. At this point, you really need a Windows registry tutorial, since a more involved process is ahead of you. You may need to edit and or remove corrupt registry files on your own. Let me warn you that this process is quite delicate, and you had better know a lot about computers before you proceed any further. Even the smallest mistake could mean the end of your computer, or at least some costly repairs.

If you still want to fix the registry yourself, you definitely need to back up the registry before doing anything else. The next step is to use the systems default registry editor, which is called RegEdit.

In todays matchup of registry cleaners, we have RegCure vs. Registry Easy. Our tests have found that these are the two top registry repair programs that you can buy.

Before we go into the battle of RegCure vs. Registry Easy, lets first take a look at why you need a registry cleaner, and what a registry cleaner does. A registry cleaner is necessary because the computer registry on all Windows based operating systems gets too big as time goes on. What is the registry? It is a gigantic database that stores all kinds of details Windows must have in order to operate properly. But new files are constantly being added to the registry, so it will eventually get to be too large.

A registry repair program will take care of all of this. It will scan your computer to find any files that are corrupt or no longer needed. Once the scan is complete, you will then be given the option of removing them.

The good registry cleaners will also shut off programs that are running in the background and really doing nothing but taking up valuable space. These are programs you would never even notice being gone. And a strong registry repair program will allow you to program future scans ahead to time, ones that you wont have to worry about again.

Now, back to our comparison of RegCure vs. Registry Easy. Both programs will perform all the functions we mentioned above, and they both outperform all their competitors. We did find RegCure to have a scan that was a bit more comprehensive.

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