What If Obama Outlaws Handguns? How Will We Defend Our Loved Ones?

What Will You Do If Obama Outlaws All Hanguns?

Now that Obama has become President, what does that say about our right to bear firearms and defend ourselves? Is the new president going to take away our guns? Its no secret that gun sales have dramatically increased since Obama started leading in the polls a few months back, and many of us have had reason to become concerned about gun ownership rights in the United States.

With his history of voting against gun owners rights, it is a clear possibility that we will lose right to own handguns. He has said himself that he is looking for supreme court justices, that will interpret the constitution with a modern look on things. So what do we do when someone breaks into our house and threatens our lives? Will you be more of a target for attack if the assailant knows you wont have a handgun? Will we be at greater risk with no real way to defend ourselves? Every social improvement and new law created with good intention, is not without its unintended and opposite effect.

The solution for this situation may lie in a simple non-lethal self-defense weapon. Legal to carry in 45 states, the Tasers, or Air Taser Stun Gun has the stopping power of a small caliber handgun, with the added benefit of having total physical control of the subject being Tasered. The effects are temporary, and generally regarded as safe. After much trial and error Taser international has perfected the waveform and achieved total neuromuscular control. Nowadays, police officers the world over carry them as part of their basic equipment. Private detectives, bodyguards, and repo men carry them too. Some people who dont feel comfortable with a gun in the house, have turned to Taser for their dependability and sheer stopping power.

Smart Life Store carries all lines of Tasers Guns in stock and each buyer needs to pass a basic background is required to activate them. Tasers are as small as a dollar bill in length and are super user friendly. The come with and instructional DVD and are available with or without Laser and the C2 model looks more like an electric shaver than a weapon. There are also professional models available in basic and futuristic handgun styles. Registered anti-felon ID tags are dispersed like confetti, when the Taser is fired, allowing police to quickly identify the owner. In addition, if a Taser is lost while defending yourself, Taser International will gladly replace it for free. You can purchase several different models, and prices range from about $250 to $1000.

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