Weekend Fishing Trip Tips

Need a short vacation from a busy week of work? I enjoy taking a weekend fishing trip from time to time. Over the years Ive discovered a few things that help make my trip a success. Id like to share a few of these helpful fishing trip tips with you.

When planning for a short fishing vacation I like to keep a couple things in mind. These are just a few recommendations I use to help improve my chances of the it being a success. I want to make sure I come home from the trip satisfied.

I almost never pick a destination that Ive never been to before. That doesnt mean I wont try new places to fish, but I prefer staying within an area or body of water Im familiar with. This is of course not an issue if Im going with a fishing charters. But, trying a completely new and different vacation spots has its risks. If I plan a fishing trips to a new place, I try to make it a whole week adventure.

Whether the fishing guide has accommodations on site or recommends a nearby hotel, I like to do a little independent travel planning. I generally try to find two or three alternative hotels, bed and breakfasts, or inns. I do this because too many times Ive arrived at my fishing trips destination and been dissatisfied with the quality of the accommodations. Obviously I want a clean bed, but location and security are factors especially if Im hauling my boat.

Planning your equipment is important too. I usually try to get all my fishing tackle organized in a way that makes it easy to pack and transport. One of the greatest features about soft tackle bags is the ability to swap out boxes depending upon the type of fish and water you plan your fishing vacation to. I either use a permanent marker or label maker to mark each box with its contents.

I usually spend a little time on the Internet reading fishing reports from the area I plan to visit. There are many websites such as forums and blogs that can give you up to date information. If youre vacationing in an area that youve been to before and plan to visit again, I would recommend bookmarking the websites that provide the best and most current fishing information. Take note of the recent weather trends so you can pack the appropriate clothing. Also note the colors and sizes of fishing lures if that information is available. Sometimes a fishing vacations success can be the difference in the color and type of lures.

I love a new adventure, but I explore with care on such a short fishing vacations. Remember, the reason for getting away is to be happy, not frustration. With a little planning and care you can make sure your short trips become great vacations.

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