Using Promotional Items To Push Your Viral Marketing Campaign

When we talk about viral marketing campaigns we are talking about marketing activities that spreads from person to person quickly in a variety of different ways, pretty much like a cold virus spreads. But in a carefully controlled situation the information that passes between people is positive and drives them towards becoming new customers to you.

Viral marketing encourages existing customers to talk about you, share information about you and hopefully this draws their friends, colleagues and other acquaintances into becoming your next level of customers. And, if like a cold or flu virus it spreads quickly from one person to several people, it then becomes an increasingly good effect as more and more people hear about you and start buying from you.

But what clever techniques can you use to help encourage this important viral marketing technique? Well, promotional gifts are a good place to start for any viral marketing campaign. And here are some tips on how you might want to promote such a campaign.

1) Be Subtle
Rather than directly target people use a subtle and roundabout approach to get to them. Think about where your potential customers are dealing with people and see if you can target them there. Think of small businesses and other places where people might ask to borrow pens to sign chitties, make quick notes etc. How often do these places run out of their own pens and need to be restocked? Well get a cheap batch of promotional pens produced and give them out in bulk to these small businesses. When their customer borrow a pen for a quick note, they see your logo. Or offer to supply free appointment cards and include on them your contact details. When a customer takes home a note of their next appointment they also take home your contact details.

2) Get People Talking
Sponsor a local event, maybe choose a high profile a charity event or community or school event. Offer some prizes or a reward for every entrant. There’s a whole range of promotional golf items that you could have printed for distribution, from printed golf hats, logo golf balls, promotional golf tees and so on. Give these out to local golf medal competitions and all the players will soon know about your business. Or give small knick knacks such as promotional pens, printed key rings and other suitable items to a group organising a local race and ask that they be included in the finishers’ goody bags. Or you might try items given out at a local school sports day or sponsoring a school gala or other event with a trophy and medals for the winning team. These are all designed to get more people to see your logo and know that you have provided the important prizes and talk about how good you have been to them.

That’s just two ways to get your next viral marketing program off the ground with promotional items. There are loads more to choose from.

Grab realistic info in the sphere of emotional freedom technique – welcome to your own knowledge base.