Useful Back Pain Treatment Suggestions

With herbal remedies and alternative remedies to back pain competing almost successfully with existing medical science, it can be very effortless to get caught up in the opinion that all treatments for back pain are successful. If you think that way, you could be confounded to discover that certain back pain treatments offer you little or no relief.

There are innumerable back pain treatments that have little or no effect on the person grappling with back pain; either because they have not been scientifically established to have any effect or because they really have no impact on the extent of back pain;

• Cold compresses: According to the Cochrane collection, cold compresses as a treatment for back pain is not utterly efficient. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials conducted by this collaboration show that the signal for the application of cold treatment to low back pain is restrained. With a splattering of successes reported from back pain sufferers who use cold compresses, it is difficult to determine its value.

• TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator): This treatment falls under the branch of electrotherapy and deals with the spread of electrical impulses to interrupt pain signals being sent to the brain. The Cochrane collaboration once again researched this treatment by studying two randomized controlled trials. The outcome obtained was uncertain because of the inconsistent nature.

• Injections: Some back pain conditions are treated with the use of certain injections. These injections vary according to the spot of the pain. The injections include epidural steroid injections and facet joint injections. This mode of treatment can only be efficient if the specific spot of pain is located and attended to.

• Inversion therapy: This treatment is hinged on the belief that friction between the back vertebras can be eased by hanging the patient upside down for a particular length of time. Adherents to this technique of dealing with back pain maintain that a separation of the vertebras is obtained thus giving the patient some measure of relief. Once again, this technique has no scientific backing.

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