Unearth Profitable Tips About How To Stream Audio

Streaming Audio has always been available to the large corporate sites and techies.

Even in today’s market only about 10% of sites use any form of multimedia mainly because people consider it to hard to create the content needed for streaming media.

Our aim is to demystify this for you and make it so easy even my 10 year old son adds audio to his website.

Three Things you will Need!

1. I like to use a head set with mic mainly because you can replay the audio and hear any imperfections without bothering the rest of the family. Head sets today are very good quality and a trip to your local computer store or a quick search online will get one in your hands quickly if you dont already have one.

Not only that you can also use it for chatting on other programs like Skype, Live Messenger and Yahoo just to mention a few.

2. You will need an audio editor and there are a lot of free ones around however if you do a search for Audacity you will find this one excellent for all your needs.

A quick search in any of the public video sites will give you live tutorials on how to use all the different functions.

3. Some Streaming Audio Software to convert your audio to a streaming format. Once again there are a lot of programs out there that you can get however this is the heart of your streaming online audio. Many of the free software makes your listner download the audio first and is not true streaming.

There are only 2 types of streaming:

a. Live Streaming – This is done through a streaming server and is quite expensive
b. Progressive download – This allows you to upload the files to your server and listeners will hear the audio play straight away. This is the most cost effective way to play web audio on your web site.

Why Add Streaming Audio to Your Website?

* Credibility – Anyone can add some text and graphics however the use of audio takes a little more effort and so it is seen as higher value and greater credability. In a recent streaming audio survey it was found that most people associated streaming audio and video with respected corporate sites.

* Auditory – Statistics show that 30% of surfers are auditory and so if you do not have audio then you are loosing out on a lot of traffic.

* Stickability – Our customers have proven that audio has dramatically increased the time people spend on their site. Many people are now able to get traffic to their websites using Pay Per Click advertising however the next main consideration is keeping them there so you get more from your advertising dollar.

* Current Marketplace – is awash with TV and radio programs so people are already used to the concept and are expecting it on websites. With the average computer being multimedia enabled they almost feel dejected if they can not utilize all the functions.

* The Wow Factor – At present only around 10% of sites utilise any form of streaming media so it creates a wow factor and delivers a lot more word of mouth traffic than any other form of web page functions.

* The Online Population – Streamies, those users who watch or listen to streaming online, represent 44% of all Internet users and 27% of Americans overall. By far, streamies are the most valuable consumer group on the Internet. Streaming media consumers are far more interactive, are more oriented to e-commerce and spend more time online compared with Internet users who dont stream.

* Marketers and business people – have always known that a well-placed audio stream can increase sales and signups to their products and services. The problem has always been that the average person could not afford the high cost of special servers or programmers to be able to use this technology.

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