Top Suggestions For Buying Mens Underwear For All Occasion

Mens underwear has come a long way over the years and there is now almost as many lines and fabrics to choose from as there are for women to choose in lingerie. Perhaps the driving force behind this is men have become much more demanding in what they expect from underwear, additionally; men too can choose to wear underwear that makes them feel sexy.

With this growing choice of mens underwear it may be useful to offer a few top tips to ensure that you know how to buy the right underwear for you.

Materials – mens underwear is available in a vast choice of fabrics, from traditional cotton, to organic cotton, silk, lycra and technical blends of microfibre materials. There are even anti bacterial fabrics, especially suited for sport and coolmax material designed to wick moisture away from the skin. The best thing is to handle the garment and decide how it feels for you and whether it will be comfy. The technical microfibres are probably the best choice as they are much more versatile and comfy in different climates, unlike silks. To some extent it is a trial and error process, but once you have found one you like, stick to it.

Styles – know you style and don’t be afraid to experiment. Mens thongs and g-strings are fast becoming one of, if not the most popular choice for men and testimony to this is the fact that nearly all designer labels such as Calvin Klein and producing them to demand. Most men who are not yet thonging, dismiss them for several, however, all that I would say is that don’t knock them until you have tried them. Nevertheless, thongs aren’t for every one and so you may be more suited to the traditional brief or the ever popular boxer brief. What ever your style it is vital to ensure that you place comfort before vanity and choose something that is the right size and offers the necessary support for you.

Sport – there is now underwear available that is specifically designed for performance during sport and if you are an active male, then it is well worth spending the extra can to get specially designed sports underwear. Did you know that testicular traumas are one of the most common testicle problems for men and this can be avoided by wearing the correct supportive underwear? You can now also buy anti bacterial underwear that minimises fungal infections and the common ‘jockeys itch’ which develops where there is a high concentration of moisture and warmth and so anti bacterial and coolmax fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin are a good choice.

I bet you didn’t appreciate that there could be so much to think about when buying men’s underwear. The main thing is to get to know your own style and preferences and don’t be afraid to try new ones. One of the largest mistakes that most men make is not spending enough. Underwear is an essential garment for men and because it is worn under clothes, most men do not see the need to spend a lot on underwear. However, they support some of you most precious gems and yet women would think nothing of spending £30 or more on a properly fitting bra. So, go on, splash and treat you little darlings to something they deserve.

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