Top Five New Sites Meant To Make Your Life Easier In The Coming Year

The world keeps getting more complicated, but fortunately there are some companies out there striving to make life easier for us all.

Following are five new websites you definitely need to check out in 2009.

Number one on the list is This super-fun dating site still needs to develop a larger membership base, but once they do this is one online dating and friend finder site to watch out for. Matchalot offers numerous super cool features which make it easier than ever to meet online friends or that somebody special, to include a mouse-over profile system, a one-click friend request system, and most of all 100 images per page. Overall two thumbs up for this hot little site designed to bring us all a little bit closer.

Next on the list is a another cool site called WeSeed is a handy little startup that hopes to take the mystery out of the stock market, while at the same time offering the kind of tools you would find on a typical finance site. The great thing is that WeSeed is totally focused on helping the little guy find investments that relate to products they already know.

Third on the list is a site going by the name of Here is a model which offers an interesting new twist on the MeetUp concept. Instead of organizing group events, however, the point here is to specify exactly who you’d like to meet, throw out an an invite, and accept or reject requests based on your own preferences. For example, let’s imagine you’ve got the next greatest idea for sliced white bread, and you want to meet someone that can help you develop it. Just send out an invite for lunch using this tool and then aspiring developers can take you up on your offer. It truly has never been easier to use the Internet to organize an offline meeting.

Number four on our list is a company with an unusual name but a great solution. bills itself as a social online storage application, giving users the ability to share their stored files with friends and family. With features such as built-in encryption, the ability to divide files into private and public, 1GB of free storage, and P2P sharing capabilities, it is difficult to go wrong with this very cool app. The company also recently announced the release of a new Web API, which lets third-party developers create new applications.

And last but certainly not least, you’ll certainly want to check out This is a simple online tool that lets companies hunt for other companies for different sports and other challenges. When you sign-up for DareMyCompany, you can register your company or register with an existing company although, unfortunately, there’s only a handful of existing member companies at the moment. Much like my favorite new dating site, however, I am pretty certain that this website will grow legs as more people become aware of it and sign up to join. After all, a site like DareMyCompany is only as good as the companies that use it, and its success or failure will depend on how many companies actually create accounts and use them.

So, there you have it. My list of five super cool, new sites for the year ahead. Go check them out, sign up and see what other cool things 2009 beings us all.

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