The Progession Of Contemporary Designer Men’s Underwear Styles And Fabrics

Some of the most obvious difference in contemporary mens underwear compared to yesteryears choices is the vast range of fabrics, styles and skimpiness of what is now available. Dacron polyester and other itchy fabrics went out of the window to make way for superfine cottons, organic fabrics and coolmax technical microfibres that wick moisture away from the skin. Whilst we are currently seeing a return to retro styles such as the mid rise brief and y-front, these are nothing more than a reflection of the current fashions, and sit along side the vast range of styles currently available in mens underwear. Fashions include traditional boxer shors, fitted boxers, boxer briefs, midis, minis, micros, hipsters, thongs and g-strings.

Minis and micros are an
top-notch choice for
anyone who still prefers the more modest, traditional and safe styles,
which offer support and a fuller fit, unlike the thong or g-string.
The micro can best be described as looking much like the traditional
brief and that sits low on the waist and so is an excellent choice for
wearing with jeans that sit low on the hip. On the other hand, you may
pick the mini, which has a
much deeper waist band of about 4 inches on the side and a fuller fit
around the legs and across the back, similar to styles of the 1950’s.

The traditional boxer short previously regarded as a loose fitting short and is still a popular choice for many men. The style has changed little and is essentially just a square leg loose fitting short and offering no support at all. The main difference with the boxer short is that they are now available in a much broader range of fabrics and seem to be preferred by some for sleeping in, rather than for day to day wear.

Mens thongs and g-strings are one of the most popular sellers online, largely because there still seems to be a lot of stigma around men wearing them. However, their popularity seems to stem from the fact that they are incredibly comfy, and of all the styles available, offer the greatest support and control, and are especially suited for wear during sport. The thong is usually a narrow band about 2cm wide that passes between the buttocks and secures at a waist band at the rear, differing mainly to the g-string because this has a much thinner string like strap to it.

In terms of the popularity of online sales, equal to the thong and possibly slightly more popular over all is the fitted boxer brief. These afford an ideal compromise to the thong, as they are much more modest, proving maximum coverage and yet are almost just as comfy and supportive to wear. Boxer briefs have a square cut leg, which can vary in length and are mad from a close fitting lycra and offer a second skin appearance. They are usually contoured at the front and rear for a snugger fit and are styled to fit on the hip and so are also ideal for fitting with low waist trousers.

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