The Latest Trend In Men’s Underwear

In the last twenty years or so one of the significant developments in fashion is the development of off the peg designer labels which are affordable to the masses. The market for mens underwear has seen a boom in the ‘label’ market during the last few years. Gone the days of the humble Y front, todays styles include briefs, boxers, g strings, thongs, apropopants, hipsters to name but a few. Labels which embellishadorn these styles range from the supermarkets to designer labels such as HOM.

The original purpose of underwear was as its name suggests, to be worn underneath other clothes to protect them from perspiration and to give additional warmth. The design has come a long way from the original garments, but the main purpose is still the same.

The type of mens underwear we see today, began life during the 1930’s with the development of the brief. Comfort was the prime importance with practicality a little further down the list. And so it remained until the 1970’s, when a new fashion era dawned and design and appeal began to direct the market. It was during this period that the designer labels such as HOM first began to enter the market.

It was also from the 1990s onwards that saw the rise and rise of the boxer briefs. Made desirable by many of the music and film stars of the era this was now when mens underwear really started to establish itself as a fashion force in its own right.

There are multiple health and leisure aspects to mens underwear, ranging from the argument about whether or not the emergence of tight fitting underwear really has been responsible for the lowering of adult sperm counts. There are countless pieces of research in this area of mens health and to be honest opinions are divided with a great many persuasive arguments for and against and as many would say, at the moment the Jury is still out in this matter.

The end of the last century saw the emergence of the boxer brief, with TV and film being one of the leading influences, mens underwear began to fight it way to the front of fashion.

The health conscious 90’s also highlighted the concerns of wearing underwear which was too tight or too loose. Too tight and it could lower your sperm count. Too loose and it would not give enough support. These findings also gave way to a market in specialist sports underwear which is designed to give good support whilst wicking away sweat.

It is at this point that we see the market today. Long gone are the days when you underwear was hidden under young men with their jeans on their hips and their pants on display!

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