The Different Types Of Magician That Can Be Hired.

There are various types of magic and wedding magician that can be performed at events, parties and functions. Most magicians will specialise in a few areas of magic such as children’s parties or corporate parties whilst others perform only one specific type.

Here is a general guide of types of magic and magicians available.

Close-up Magician – This is the most common form of magic seen today and made popular over the last few years by David Blaine and Criss Angel.A Close-up magician is also known as a strolling magician, mix and mingle magician and table magician. This type of magic can be found at cocktail parties, corporate events, banquets, wedding receptions and generally any party event where the magician mingles amongst the guests performing tricks and inter-acting with guests. A close-up magician normally works for 2 – 3 hours and normally finishes around the end of coffee.

Wedding Magician – Similar to a close-up magician the wedding magician usually provides close-up magic during the wedding reception and then later at the wedding breakfast. The magician normally finishes around the end of coffee or when other forms of entertainment start or speeches begin after the main meal.

Children’s magician – Fairly self explanatory, an experienced childrens magician will be able to entertain young and older children alike normally playing games and providing funny magic for the kids to make them laugh.

Cabaret magician – A cabaret magician will provide some bigger and sometimes longer more involved magic tricks. Cabaret magic is suitable for most events but is most popular as an after dinner entertainment. Sometimes the close up magician will double up and also perform the cabaret. Cabaret magic acts last between 20 and 40 minutes and normally perform for audiences of 20 to 600. It is common for the magician to add a lot of comedy into the cabaret and most acts tend to have quite a bit of audience participation. If you are booking a magician to perform a cabaret the please remember that the magician should be able to be seen and heard by everyone. Bear this in mind if booking after dinner entertainment in a hotel conference room.

If you are looking for larger, flashy magic then it is ideal to hire an illusionist. An illusionist will use larger props and will normally be helped by an assistant. A stage is normally required and enough space for the magician and props is needed. If you have lots of non English speaking guests you may prefer to have a silent magic act providing either manipulation or illusion however a comedy magician always plays well for an English speaking audience.

Trade Show Magician – Corporations and companies are hiring trade show magicians more and more to perform at Trade Shows and exhibitions. Magic is a great form of interactive entertainment where a message can also be presented in an interesting manner. The magician draws people to the exhibition space where the benefits and features of the product or service can be show cased. The trade show magician can also present and provide suitable magic give aways that are branded for the company exhibiting.

A good Magician will make you feel as if you are a child again.

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