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Teachers are taking things too far. First administers see their selves as parents now they see their selves as god figures. When does life ever become more than what it should be? Rules, policies, and PROSPECTIVES that THEY, enforce amongst US, ONLY! Perhaps the freest country most would say, yet our human rights are totally scarce. Many people back in the day would say there was more freedom. But now as it is, does it frighten you of future freedom?

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows you the freedom to speak, write, and meet freely with others, also the right to freely express yourself. But there are some limits of expression. 1) Your not allowed to block the entrance of a building to protest. 2) For your own safety you shouldnt use obscene or vulgar language that might be offensive to others. So where does wearing anything on your head come into play as a no-no? Thee entire background of taking your head gear off came from back-in-the-day, where as being a gentlemen, you‘d take off any head gear to show loyalty, almost sounds graceful, now in days that grace is mandatory..so are you setting standards that interfere with my will? What is gentlemen? Who are you to judge, shape, or filter me, and then threaten me to obey what YOU desire me to do? That action alone should get you into a lot of trouble…Wait..Is it that were teens? Obviously, threw first hand experience, if an adult wore all of the same color or came into a building with any kind of hat on there wouldnt be an issue. In our society today I believe there’s just too many people criticizing what you should and should not be doing especially at a young age. It doesnt even matter of what degree of why its tolerated, most of the grief is based upon what the controller wants you to to do. Well, in the low sense of a controller, my buttons are tired and worn out and its time for change. You take it how you wanna take it but no one should be able to tell me what to do. God said be fruitful, that’s my intention and you cant manipulate it.

Now, the bandana issue. Excuse my slang, bandana is slang, the tern gaining popularity from Outlaw/Hip-Hop/African American culture…oh now were serious..Anyway, the proper term for bandana is scarf, not flag, durag, etc, thank you for allowing me to address that because many people are deceived by what something is referred to, just as though many people are deceived by the cover of a book.

To mention, I witness plenty of women wearing things men arent allowed to wear, including scarves. Then ironically they say you can wear a headband that is mysterious that a large margin of females wear bands of this description? As Though a bit a slack is being offered to the opposite sex. During a ordinary school day I witness this and teachers dont say anything..it‘s either they don‘t notice, which is negligence, or they act like they don‘t notice because theyre scared-you know what I mean, or they‘re totally cool with..they wear thee exact things that I could be wearing; caps, scarves, hats, etc…It angers me, and it offends me. I Believe it is an act of sexism, Ive been going threw this for a large margin of my life and things must change.

I Have first period Physical Science with Mrs. Houdek in room 207, Central High School Saint Paul, MN. Recently I walked into class with a scarf on. Before I sat down I noticed a female was also wearing a scarf which exceeded the wack standard of 2in.. Spontaneously, I was asked to approach Mrs. Houdeks desk, she asked, Do you know why I asked you to come over here for? grinning…I Said, Yes and pointed at my scarf like who didnt know. She said, Yes, so take it off. We then went into an entire confrontation of my rights. Some students wanted to back me up, they thought my points were meaningful. I Said, What about her? The teacher says, Well thats the look, maybe she doesnt have her hair done . ..Soooo-is it about affection? ..Do you not show the same to the opposite sex? Do I not have hair? Do I not have a look? Does being a gentlewomen exist? And about these standards of HUMANITY, what the hell kind of culture do YOU think Im apart of ???

She then gave me what I believed was phony talk saying, “Well you should talk to the office about it” as though she supported the cause. Sadly, all I felt was that she just wanted me out her room…

The next day during first period I was in the office having continuous conversations without true clarification about this issue, just a simple waste of my presents. The girl that wore her scarf the day before came into advisory still wearing it. I Asked, “Did you wear that all day without anyone saying anything to you?” She said, “Yeah”, smiling. “Did Ms. Houdek have a problem with it?”, I said. “No”, she said, now laughing. So here I am abiding by their ironic policy, yet where do I go wrong? At birth, if I’m not mistaken. If I am, please explain what you haven’t already explained. The answer is not what you want me to be which is a gentlemen. How would you feel if I were to say, “coming to work without those high heels would be you less trampy of you, be a gentlewomen, I advise you to take them off, NOW, for YOUR own safety, ever hear of sexual harassment? Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes, according to the U.S. Department Of Justice. 60% of women are harassed on a daily basis. Oh yes, and heels may be very distractive, in many ways, anything could be as long as you allow it to be, such as hair, make up, clothing, natural appearance, jewelry, CULTURE..etc… Yet it seems like the adults in todays world are the up most bitchiest, snootiest, immature, pet peeved bastards…

This isn’t the only problem many of us endure on a daily basis..So this isn’t all you shall hear from me, Mr. Jerral Le’Ron Carlsen. For this issue specifically it’s either all or nothing…You know..for the large majority of women that come to school with a scarf on, you have to understand that it is apart of them, which you already may, but be sure to do the same for us all. Show liberty..show respect…Again, it’s either all or nothing, strictly, and theoretically..If someone were to have a bad hair day of what ever degree of how bad it was to THEM, that would cause the notion of no one deciding weather or not I can wear it, because thats how it should be, with anything, even hats, no one shouldnt even have to excuse it with the bad hair day statement, it should be entirely up to that person. Weather it’s a cancer victim, or a barber victim, you can’t differ from which is more personal or acceptable. EVERYTHING IS LIFE DOESNT HAVE TO HAVE REASONING, SO TO MENTION, STOP INVESTIGATING THE UNIVERSE!…But think if the policy were to be strictly forbidden, think of the increase of complaints..think of how much of a distraction it would be if people of the norm were to disobey the ‘rule’.Think of the chaos. The embarrassment and HUMILIATION you’d have to ANTICIPATE before the teacher finally tells you to take it off.
Let us be..let us live…let us be…

Jerral Carlsen

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