Super Affiliate’s Business Blueprint

One of the popular online business is affiliate marketing. It is ideal for somebody who is starting an online business, but don’t have an own product and people who don’t know to make a product, affiliate marketing is an ideal starting. Like any business for success affiliate marketing also need some planning.

First of all identify popular niches. You don’t want to promote products in a niche which is unpopular. It won’t worth the promotional costs and your valuable time. So you have to do some niche research. The best way is to check in Google. Notice how many search results are coming. Also notice how many pay per click ads are there at right side of the Google page. If the ppc advertisements are more than 2-3 pages, you can do further research on that niche. Make sure you do a few variations and phrases of your niche search word. Just in case you use the wrong key word.

Click bank, Commission Junction, Paydotcom are popular affiliate market place. Go to their website and check for products in their market place for your previously selected niche. Take a note of how many products are there in your niche. Again make sure to use different keyword variations of your niche. The more products means the niche is very popular. It is making money.

Next step is selecting products that is selling in that niche. Look for products which is giving at least 50% commission for affiliates. In click bank market place under each product all these are given. Also note the value of grav and %reffered. Grav is the numerical value assigned to the product website depending on the number of sales minus the product return. If the gravity is more the product is more in demand. %Reffered is the percentage of sales by affiliate against the total sales. That is if this value is higher, more sales are by affiliate marketer. For example if the %reffered value is 90% then5% sales are by the product owner. Another meaning of this value is if more percentage of sale is by the product owner is then that internet marketer will be reputable. Also he might be having big list. Another product check is how long is that product in the market. You can get this value from click bank. If the product is on sale for long time, chances are that, market for that product saturated. Also you can list product on their popularity. Any product within 20 ranks will be ideal. Top ranked product will be more competitive. Better avoid for a new affiliate.

Once you selected your product, it is time for marketing. If you have a list, email marketing is very effective. If you are a newbie or don’t have a list make sure to start building a list along with affiliate promotion. You can use pay per click campaign to promote the product. But if you don’t use ppc campaign properly you may lose money. You should use low cost and targeted key words. If you use broad keywords, you get more clicks and fewer sales and you lose money. Also you need to split test your ad campaign to increase your ad effectiveness. There are many internet marketing software to automate this. You can get PPC Oracle, PPC split tester , Head line maximizer etc there. If you sign up for ‘Smart Webmaster Tips’ news letter you can get free webmaster kits software. Also free keyword research manual is giving away for a limited time.

You can promote affiliate products by starting review sites. You can use blog instead. Though it is won’t give fast result, it will be a success for long time. You can promote many products at same site. Also you can use popular product site name in your site as keywords and in content. For many popular products product site name itself will be a cheap and targeted keyword. Advantage against ppc ad is that you are not allowed to use website name as keyword. You can use this site for building your email lists. For long term success in online marketing email lists building is very important. You can automate this by using opt in list building software There are a few free version softwares available there. Once you have a list your affiliate promotion can be run on autopilot.

Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable internet marketing methods. You need to have little planning and some initial hard working. You can sign up for more tips at my website.

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