Six Sure Fire Tips On Getting Rid Of That Fat

All the good intentions in the world will not help you get rid of fat if you do not take some action and start today in your efforts to get rid of that fat forever, kiss it goodbye, wish it well and never to return. You know you have it in you so dig deep.

Step one
Make a plan , how are you going to get it done choose an exercise that you think you will enjoy, research it if you have to, purchase any necessary equipment (you do not have to spend a lot in most cases). When are you going to do it, schedule your exercise into your week.

Step two
Write your plan down and set out your goals in ink. You will be surprised that when we humans write things down in a cognitive way they tend to become reality.

Step three.
Start today do not delay, do not make the number one mistake and schedule a start for say Monday or tomorrow as we all know tomorrow never comes. It is OK to take baby steps as long as you make a start.

Step four
Keep a record, a 50 cent note book will do it does not need to be anything flash. Write down the exercise you completed and how you felt whilst doing it and after wards. This is great to monitor your results.

Take your measurements and weight. Every two weeks record your new results. It is very important that you do not do this everyday because you will become obsessed and feel that you are failing. The end result will be that you give up in your quest of getting rid of fat.

Step five
Have a good look in your cupboards, any junk food goes, do not think I will eat it and then I will not purchase anymore, out it goes. You will get cravings sure, for about two weeks, but after that you will not care about it in the slightest and actually detest the stuff. BELIEVE ME!

Step Six
Everyday take time out to visualize the new you, (day dream) add emotion, how does it feel, where would you go, see yourself purchasing those jeans you always wanted, picture people giving you positive comments, feel your new energy. Heres a secret the mind cannot tell fiction from reality, if you work on this you will get what you desire because you will propel yourself to getting it and you will be free from that extra baggage forever.

One important thing to note is to not go like a bull in a china shop, steady and consistent is the way to go you will need to hold back a little because you will get the exercise bugand be tempted to do to much which will lead to burning out and or injury which will stop you completely in your tracks and then depression may hit. This all adds up to disaster, let common sense prevail, do not make that an excuse to be lazy you will need to work hard but at the same time be smart. Live to fight another day and get rid of that excess weight.

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