Sinus Infection: Essential Facts

Sinusitis is caused due to various intruders or through bacteria, fungus. It can also be caused due to allergy and other pollutants. Sinus infection, also called as sinusitis, is caused when the cavities located in the skull get filled by air. Dry air especially, is then considered to be the main caused for the sinus infection. Sinusitis can be recurring; it can be chronic or acute. It can lead to body disorders or bone infection in face. It can create exacerbation of respiratory acts. Infection can be extended to nose, eye and brain areas.

Sinuses can range from any where being either frontal, maxillary, ethmoid, and sphenoid sinus and accordingly the symptoms also can be different.

Scientists have not been completely successful in expressing the role performed by sinuses. However, they believe that sinuses are important because they absorb the impacts coming from front in going and affecting any part of brain. Apart from this, sinuses also help to temperate, dampen and filter the air being inhaled in the body.

Air inhaled by human body is non-filtered. It contains bacteria and other germs. We inhale these germs along with air. Cilia function assist to purify the air. When it is not functioning properly, the bacteria inhaled starts blocking the sinus cavities. This produces infection in sinuses. Infection is caused when dry air is inhaled or when excessive cold food items are taken in. Those having allergic reactions or those having weak immunity can also suffer from this infection.

Severe headache, pain in jaws, facial pain, fatigue, tenderness of the sinus area, sore throat, cough and colored nasal drainage, bad breath and puffy eye lids are some common symptoms of sinus.

In case you are affected by acute sinus lasting for 2-3 weeks, you should immediately consult a doctor and consume the prescribed medicines.

Chronic sinus lasts for some 6-8 weeks and is a little more severe. Thus it is difficult to cure the chronic sinus. Bacteria cause infectious sinusitis in body whereas pollutants create non-infectious sinus.

For a patient who has been properly and correctly following antibiotics course and classical antibiotic therapy, and who yet not sees any improvement in his condition, he should go for a surgical therapy. Surgery will be helpful in solving any internal complication that might have occurred.

Example of such internal complication is the infection caused in the facial bones.

For, any one who is seeing the sinus symptoms present in him for more than a while, should see a doctor. Doctor can check the nose with endoscope, or can do a computerized axial tomography or a MRI.

Sinus can be treated with some natural home remedies and tips and with drugs. Consumption of hot tea is recommended.

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