Simple And Effectual Means To Avoid Straining Your Back

One of the most familiar causes of back pain is muscle pull or muscle strain. This is a state in which you exert more pressure on your back muscles than you need to. In doing so, your back muscles which are elastic in nature strain to meet the extra demand and in the process tear or wear out, effecting back pain. To avoid any style of muscle pull or straining your back muscles do the following;

– Lift up objects very well: The chief origin of a muscle pull in the back is when you lift bulky objects wrongly. If you must lift any big object, do so by bending your knees and squatting before lifting up the object. Keep your back straight and the object close to your body. Don’t twist your body when you are lifting the object.

– Push objects: When you want to move an object that are too bulky for you to raise up, don’t pull at it because this puts a strain on your back. As an alternative, push the object into the area that you want it to be.

– Desk stretches: If you are working a nine to five job that involves you sitting behind the desk, then you should sit down in chairs that have straight backs or with low back support so that you stay away from putting any extra pressure on your back. Don’t turn around using only your waist. If you must turn to retrieve something behind you, use your whole body.

– Shoes: Believe it or not, the form of shoes that you wear in due course determines if you will have back pain or not. Don’t make it a pattern to wear high heeled shoes between long distances. Wear low heels of one inch or lower.

– Exercise: Adopting an even exercise regimen can help to keep your back muscles firm and supple.

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