SILVERLIT Palmz Radio Controlled Airplane Review

The Palmz airplane to hit the market! You can dock it with the remote to charge for about 10 minutes and you’ll get 5 minutes of flying time to circle your dining room chandelier and bewilder your pets. As with any new R/C device you’ll need a bit of practice to fly like a pro and having a larger sized room to fly in wouldn’t hurt.

3 channels 3 colorsQuick 10min. charge time from controller and your back in the air

Choose between 3 separate frequencies
Orange – Channel A
Green – Channel B
Blue – Channel C
Get all three and engage in your own living room air to air combat. Try and do stunts with one another, play chase with one another. Theres all kinds of games you can come up with on your own weather there is just one Palmz or three Palmzs, the possibillities are endless if you let your imagination go to the sky.

All in all this is a great product at a great price for hours of fun in the comfort of your own home on those cold winter days. This R/C plane is more suited for indoor flying but can be flown outside with no wind, its not recommended to be flown outside or you may cause some serious damage that can not be repaired or just lose it to the wind. The Palmz can easily be repaired with a glue gun or tape. to take to the living room sky , As said before the Palmz is charged up from the controller. It doesnt have you normal size joysticks as you can imagine other contollers do, the throttle and left / right controlles have a very low profile cause the plane has to sit on top of the controller to recharge. This does not really effect the handling of the plane at all. You also have trim buttons for the rudder of the plane.The Palmz is suited for ages 7 and up. If your into R/C controlled planes or any type of R/C then I think this is a great plane to have and can be flown whenever you feel like it no matter the weather or season.

Start flying your own today at where there are lots of other great electronics like R/C controlled toysat great prices.

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