Scotland Travel Company Quiz: Double Your Sales With A French Website!

Would you rather sell Un billet davion from your french website or a travel ticket from your English website?

Chris Tarrant would say: Would you call a friend? or Do you need to use a life line?

The right answer is: You can win both sales from France and from the UK as well!

Have you ever thought of increasing your profits with 2 different travel merchant websites?

So whether your email displays Jean Durand or John Smith what difference does it make as long as you close the deal with the two clients.

But you could ask yourself: How can I double my sales abroad when I do not speak any French?

Before answering directly this crucial question I suggest you see the situation from another angle to understand the use of the World Wide Web.

So far when you log into your Google web page you often see a page related to your location: UK, Australia, New- Zealand,…

Therefore you tend to reduce your scope to what you can see. Depending on your usual language, you could find many or few information about a specific topic.
For instance if you live in England and search for travel ticket you will end up with the following results:

– Results 1 – 10 of about 21,500,000 for travel ticket. Top right of Google.

– Pages from the UK Results 1 – 10 of about 834,000 for travel ticket. Top right of your Google page.

Youve now got the number of sites competing under the keyword travel ticket in English.

Let’s suppose Monsieur Tout-le-Monde (Joe Bloke) in France does exactly the same search as you do at the same period. Obviously this person wouldn’t type in travel ticket as you did simply because the vast majority of French people will not search in English. You would agree, wouldn’t you?

French Internet users should type in the equivalent keyword which is billet davion.

At this stage, the keyword billet davion wouldn’t translate as travel ticket because in French the automatic translation ticket de voyage or billet de voyage means nothing to French people.

French proper meaning would be air ticket or flight ticket. In French language the word voyage is too generic and could be wrongly understood. Therefore, French people may be more specific using the word billet davion.

The French Google result would display as follow:

– Rechercher dans Le Web: Résultats 1 – 10 sur un total denviron 4 130 000 pour billet davion (World Wide Web)- top right corner of your Google page.

– Pages Francophones: Pages Francophone Résultats 1 – 10 sur un total denviron 3 660 000 pages en français pour billet davion (French Wide Web)- top right corner of the page.

– Pages France: Résultats 1 – 10 sur un total denviron 3 080 000 pour billet davion (France only)- top right corner of your Google page.

At this stage, it is interesting to know that Google understands any request and displays the relevant and appropriate answers.

So if Google understands your customers language and queries, what prevent you from having your French website yet?

But let me answer your initial question?

The answer is: You dont need to speak the language because we do the hard work for you.

The good news is: Once you get your french website, would you find difficult to read a card transaction even if the customer has got a non-English name?
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