Retro Style Kitchen Furniture For The Home

The 1950s were a great time for most Americans. The economy was thriving. Jobs were plentiful and the idea of a car in the garage and a chicken in the oven was achievable. My how times have changed. One way to reclaim the joys you remember from the 50s is to redecorate your apartment with 1950s retro themed furniture.

The center of every home is the kitchen. The kitchen is where the family comes together to eat most of its meals. Having this room with a retro theme is a great place to start when building your 1950s retro home.

The center of any retro kitchen is the table and chairs. When I think retro table, I think about a table with lots of chrome and a high-pressure laminate top. Around your retro table, you are going to need some retro kitchen chairs. The best retro style chairs are made for restaurant use. I definitely recommend purchasing commercial grade tables and chairs. If it can last in a restaurant under heavy use, it should last just fine in your kitchen.

After you have taken care of the table and chairs, the next area to attack in the kitchen is the breakfast counter . This is where many of you eat breakfast or when in a hurry. There are two ways you can go with this. The first is just buying standard retro style bar stools. The second way, and the way I recommend is by permanently installing soda fountain stools into you floor right in front of your counter.

There are many benefits to permanently mounting your bar stools to your floor. The first and best is that it looks great. Your breakfast counter will look like the counter of a 24 hour roadside café . The other added benefit is that they last forever and become a permanent part of your home. The vinyl upholstery used on most retro style upholstered furniture is easy to clean and maintain

The trick to purchasing commercial furniture rather than residential furniture is to search websites geared towards restaurants, cafes, and diners. There are many website for food service equipment dealers. You should be able to by your furniture from the same large food service equipment dealers. You probably won’t get the same price as if you were a large motel but you should still get a better price than if you purchased it from a dinette set.

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