Recurring Sinusitis? Are You Overcoming It?

Many Americans suffer from sinus infections every year. The number of sufferers is very high. It goes up as high as 37 million. With 32 million Americans suffering from sinus infections every year there is also about 5.8 billion dollars involved. This huge amount is just for treatment of conditions that are related to sinus infections. Those numbers come from the centers for disease control.

There are 4 types of sinuses. When sinuses become infected they cause a lot of pain. The moisture that is present in the sinuses is the perfect breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and fungus. It will also attract viruses, bacteria, and fungus just like a magnet attracts metal.

Facial pain is a very common symptom. The sinus area becomes very tender. The whole head will hurt. The drainage of the nose is colored and thick. Sore throat is also a very common symptom. The symptoms resemble those of a regular cold.

When sinus infections come back over and over again or just stay around for an extended time period they are considered to be chronic or recurrent.

A study in 1999 that was done by the mayo clinic shows that just about all sinus infections that are chronic are caused by fungus. They left the common belief behind that says that regular bacteria are the cause of chronic sinusitis.

Antibiotics are often prescribed to cure sinusitis. Doctors do not do you a favor by prescribing antibiotics when you have sinusitis.

X-rays and CT scans can help diagnose sinusitis. Sometimes it is needed to do an MRI. Diagnosing the problem is very important.

A lot healthier than antibiotics to treat sinus infection is going for a treatment with Colloidal Silver. This is a supplement of mineral origin that shows a lot of positive results when used to treat sinusitis. It usually comes in a mist. This mist is brought into one of the sinuses. The contaminated surroundings are becomming affected by this mist. This mineral is also used by the space organization. Water in the space vehicle is sanitized by Colloidal Silver. Sometimes Colloidal Silver can also be used to help burn victims.

Many people think they just have a cold when in fact they suffer from a sinus infection. A common cold can however produce drainage that blocks the sinuses and cause sinusitis. If your cold lasts longer than one to two weeks, you should not assume that it is just a regular cold. Chronic sinusitis is a more likely diagnosis.

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