Quit Smoking – How To Manage Daily Goals

For many smokers the desire to quit smoking cigarettes is strong yet it seems no matter what they try, they just never have success ending this nasty habit. This failure to quit smoking causes many to internally discredit themselves.

For others it seems they simply wake up one morning and proceed to quit smoking. What makes these people experience success?

This article describes how to quit smoking and how to set realistic goals or targets to bring you to a successful life. I myself want to be successful in life and have read many books on the subject.

It can be eye opening when you come to consider that many successful people purposely set goals for themselves for the future. The act of setting goals or targets to quit smoking should be the focus of every cigarette smoker.

An example of what I am talking about occurs in a book in which it describes a survey taken with a group of students in their last year of high school. The survey was conducted using one hundred people in which they were asked a series of questions. the developers of the survey were avidly interested in learning where the students wanted to be in five years time, and what they saw themselves doing.

Since high school students can be rather immature, in the end there were only five answers which were considered to be a true goal for the future. These same one hundred people were contacted again after five years had gone by and they completed another survey. This time the results were simply amazing since the five students who had set goals for the future had a vastly greater monetary net worth than the other ninety five students added together!

This new survey proved beyond doubt that those of us who set goals or targets for the future are more likely to experience successful lives than those who do not set goals.

So, what does all of this goal setting have to do with smoking cessation? Quite a bit actually. Many people will smoke a pack or two every day. They enjoy smoking even though they know it is unhealthy for them, and it will be costly to continue. If these same people would take time to set a goal to stop smoking and follow it they could experience a life void of cigarettes.

Heres how to set your goals. Begin gradually by setting a small goal that you can live with. You may want to reduce smoking by one quarter of a pack each day. After one week reduce it to one half pack per day. the next week reduce it to three quarters a pack per day. After one month you should be free of smoking for life. Now, that is a goal to work towards!

Lets be realistic. In actuality it may take longer than a month to stop smoking. Thats fine! Continue to adhere to your goal and visualize all the benefits of quitting. Persistence will pay off as you fulfill your goal to stop smoking cigarettes.

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