Psychics And The Use Of Tarot Cards

One tool of divination was the use of tarot cards. Imagining fortune tellers using these tarot cards was an easy vision to conjure up but the problem with this was that fortune tellers didn’t use tarot cards until the 20th century.

Tarot cards of the current type date back to 15th century Italy and a game called “triumphs,” which is tarots in French. Two sets of cards, one with 22 picture cards and another set of cards containing 56 cards with pictures. The major arcana is the 22 card set and the minor arcana is the 56 card set. The major arcana has such pictures as the Fool, the Devil, Temperance, the Hermit, the Sun, the Lovers, the Hanged Man, and Death while the minor arcana has the kings, or lords, queens, or ladies, knights and knaves, or pages or servants, of sticks or wands, cudgels or batons, swords, cups and coins.

The best psychicsuse to be the ones people would go to have their “cards” read but now individuals can obtain a deck of tarot cards for less than $10 and learn to read their own tarot cards. But, to just pick up a deck of tarot cards and read them is not real easy if you don’t know what each card means. The tarot is a powerful tool to blend your inner and outer self making it possible to live your life more fulfillingly and uncover your personal growth and insight.

Understanding one’s self and tapping into your inner resources does not require psychic abilities in order to utilize the tarot cards. Promoting your natural self and your willingness to honor your natural self are the most essential things to using the tarot cards successfully. Studying tarot cards is a self paced study and there are a plethora of lessons on the internet and also in books.

The main thing needed for learning is a deck of tarot cards. The Rider-Waite deck of tarot cards is widely popular as it has pictures on every card and assists in learning. Thus the quest begins for the one who is interested in learning how to read the tarot cards, which is regarded as a tool for solutions to the questions we have. At a tarot reading there is the seeker and the psychic reader, although sometimes one person is both the seeker and psychic tarot reader. The seeker shuffles the cards and cuts the deck and then the tarot reader lays the chosen cards in a pattern, otherwise known as the spread. Each position in a spread has a significance and so does each card. So then the psychic reader puts both of these together and helps to find an outcome to the seekers inquiry.

Years ago it was said that the tarot cards had to be kept in a silk cloth and no one could touch them except the psychic and if the silk cloth wasn’t wrapped around them when the session was over, the cards would loose their power to predict the future. Some carry on with this practice.

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