Promotional Presents Arent Just For The Big Businesses, They Are Useful For Work From Home Businesses As Well

Buying and using giveaway promotional gifts can be an excellent way of advertising a work from home business. Even work from home businesses can be easily promoted in this way and it doesnt need to cost much, nor is it complicated to give the presents away to future customers.

Take the bog standard promotional pen as a great demonstration of one of the many promotional items on the market. These are an excellent idea – they dont need to cost much, can be bought in bulk and are simple to distribute to potential customers. So go out and get a small batch of these products printed up with your contact details and name. For a choice of contact details, you should usually be able to comfortably fit onto most pens a telephone number and an email address or website , as long as they arent too lengthy. Now, carry some of these with you at all times in your bag, pocket of car.

For example, recently I was on holiday and we had met up with another family and become friendly. When it was time for us to go home, we wanted a way of swapping each others contact details so that we could get in touch when both back home. This is pretty much what many people do on holidays and nothing unusual. The other family passed us over their details written on the back of a convenient beer mat. This, unfortunately, is an excellent way of loosing the details very quickly, which we have been guilty of before. As luck would have it, I was able to use the local internet to email him from the hotel, so that we both had each others emails safely stored. But a better idea, and more fun I then realized, would be to get a batch of pens printed and just give the family a couple of our own promotional pens. Not only have they got your details, but you are making sure that you are telling them your business nature and as luck would have it, he might now become a new customer of mine.

Of course, these passing acquaintances arent reliable enough for distributing enough promotional gifts to make a batch worth while, at least not enough to make a large return. But if you are taking part in work from home activities such as distributing catalogues, then why not add a pen to the catalogue? By putting it into the clear envelope that the catalogues are protected in, theres an added incentive for the recipient to open the envelope, take the pen and maybe they will be more likely to order from your catalogue as they already have it open.

Promotional gifts are also great to leave as an alternative calling card when you have been to see new or potential customers. Leave them a gift, as well as or instead of a card, and they are more likely to be able to find your number when they have decided to buy from you. Theres load of uses for promotional products, no matter how big your business, even if it is a home business.

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