Prolong Sinusitis

According to many health experts in America, about 37 million people every year have been found to get affected by the sinus infections. Truly speaking about 32 million of cases every year are reported by the health care to Diseases Control centers annually. It is more surprising that, in America every year people spend about $5.8 billion on health care, which is related to remedy on sinus infection.

Sinus infection is also called sinusitis. The symptoms of this sinusitis are different from the pain that occurs on the face, like pain in the eyes or pain in the upper lips. Also, head pain, painful throat, dyed nasal drainage and photophobia are usually found in the cases of sinus infection. The symptoms of sinusitis are seen whether the sinusitis is of any kind whether it is sharp or unending. It is dependent on the effect of sinusitis.

Sinus infection is an infection, which is in ones sinuses, a hollow channel or cavity that is inside ones head. Sinus cavities are of 4 different types and they have the possibilities of becoming infected. The sinus cavities that are moist can in fact become a reproductive medium for viruses, fungus and bacteria and they would be attracted towards it.

Symptoms: The common symptoms of sinus infection can be pain in face, gentleness in the sinus areas, head pain, thick or colored drainage in nose, sore throat, and other symptoms It is difficult to differentiate between common cold and sinus infection as both has similar symptoms.

Constant Sinus infection: If the sinus infection stays for long duration it can be said as chronic sinus infection.

History of Sinus
Mayo Clinic in the year 1999 examined many patients who have chronic sinus infections. And they found that in all cases fungus is mainly responsible for chronic sinusitis. And it completely departed the belief that bacteria are responsible for chronic sinusitis.

For the normal treatment of sinus infections doctors recommend antibiotics. In fact, that antibiotic doesn’t affect fungus. Antibiotics cannot cure sinus infection. Visit doctor if you feel there is a chance of having sinus infection on diagnosis. The doctor can diagnosis by examining you, taking your X-rays, CT scan or if necessary MRI.

Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver is mineral supplement that has tough antimicrobial properties, which is an excellent result for the treatment of constant sinus infection by the doctors. Doctors mists colloidal silver into ones sinuses where it can get in touch with the contaminated area. NASA uses colloidal silver to sanitize water in space shuttle. It also helps in treating burns in Curad™ Band-Aids for purifying water.

Don’t thinkthat if your nose is stuffed you have common cold. The blockage in nose can be a reason sinus. Generally common cold lasts for 7 to 14 days and goes away without any treatment. If one’s cold last for long time than it can be a symptom of acute sinusitis.

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