ProfitMatic Scam

I am a member in Profitmatic for few good months, in the early days of my registration I always looked for the money and I want to say it was hard to get any money from this program. With the time I learned how to use their tools, and I can honestly say that their tools saved me more than $200 a month.

For me Profitmatic now is about internet marketing tools that I need and I use and I don’t need to promote it as a money making idea or network marketing program.

My subscribers are finding it hard to work with, so some of them will join for one month then cancel their registration. And I think the reason was they joined for the money (they want to make money with this program). And found it hard to make money with it.

I want to tell you one very important thing here: to make money with ProfitMatic you need to enroll at least two new members on your downline.

To make money with any network marketing program you need to work it, to promote it and bring new members to it. Otherwise why they need to pay you for. I see the legitimate MLM programs exactly as the affiliate program with one deference, they pays more commissions on deeper tiers, while affiliate programs can go as deep as two tiers only. So to make money with network marketing programs you need to sell it and make commission, and your commission will be monthly.

Profitmatic has a product, and you are selling this product, they will pay a commission for each sale plus after making two sales you can benefit from the spillover.

Many people have posted some forum posts and articles on blogs that ProfitMatic is a scam?

Maybe it is; for me I think it’s a great Program with a great product, I found that the tools are very useful and very cost effective, and they pay me on time so where is the scam?

When people fail it’s always not their fault, there are so many excuses and claiming that the program is a scam is one of them. To make money online you need to make some work, no one will pay you for nothing; that’s why we call it business, it is about your work and how much money you can get from it.

There are few of my friends who are making money from revenue sharing programs, they cannot say its scam because they like the money. but I believe it is a huge scam because it do not offer any product in return for the money, it’s only a money going from one to another, so the logic says one is winning and there is another who is losing.

In the other hand with any legitimate program you are offering a product for sale, and yes you are making a commission from it. So at least you are getting a product that is worth the money invested; and if you don’t know how to use the product it’s not the company’s fault, you just need to ask and get help.

Here is a brief description about Profitmatic tools.

1. With Profitmatic you will get a site builder online tool, with simple features you can point and in second you can have you website layout ready, then insert your content on the page and your website is up and running. I am a webmaster and I have 9 websites, and when I want to make a change sometimes a little change could take me more than a week to complete, now for example; as I am writing this review one of my website is down for changing.

Even with CSS and Include feature it took too much time to change. But with profit matic you need to make a change to the basic layout only and it can take up to 5 minutes not more. And when you need to add new pages, you only click add new page, give the page a name, title and that’s it, it has the header the footer and the side bar you only insert the content of the new page.

For me it’s a great tool and I can publish a new site in 10 minutes without HTML, scripts, and even without ftp.

2. Forum builder, if you are working online you probably noticed that you need your own op-in pages or forms to capture you visitors information, you need also a service that can make you send follow up massages, it’s what we call auto-responders. This service alone could cost you up to $50 per month, however with profit matic you can build as many forms and op-in pages as you like, some of them can only capture your visitors information, others can make them interact with your website, posting comments, questions, you can build forms to exchange links, articles, blog posts. Other form you can build with follow up messages so you can follow up with your customers and prospects.

3. Banner builder. I am sure you are using banners with your marketing and you are using the programs banners or duplicating others, but here is a chance to design your own banners.

4. Button builders: design your own buttons and use them on your site, make everything unique and your design.

5. Link builder, an affiliate link clocking software can cost you up to $50 dollars, but here you can have a chance to build affiliate links with a redirect from 10s of domains.

And few other features like HTML builder, to insert HTML codes to your website, unique graphic and templates.

It is a standalone service so you can build and manage your website without the need of any other service or software.

Each element is saved as a separate file and you can have access to it separately, so if you have an HTML code posted to 100 pages and you want to change the code, you don’t need to go through all the pages, you can only go to the code and change it, all the pages will be updated with the new code, with the banners it’s the same.

For example I had Google Ad Sense on my website, after a while Google closed my account (because I used my ID in deferent sites of mine without notifying them), so I opened a new account with Google, now I need to change the publisher ID, so I went to HTML codes there I had three Google Ad Sense codes (main, sidebar, footer), I changed those codes and that’s it, all my pages were done. In my other website I needed to go through all the pages, make the changes and upload them again, it took me more than 2 days and still there are pages with the old code.

That’s the whole idea of profit matic, they know that you want to make money online, so you need to spend all your time on marketing and you don’t have time to waste on website design, building and managing.

One of the most powerful money making ideas is niche marketing, where you can find a new hot niche, build a website marketing an affiliate product related to that niche and make some fast money. Some marketers are making thousands of dollars from the trends. So if building a website will take you more than 10 days, you cannot get any benefits from trends and hot niches, you need to be fast, and deliver your products when people look for it. And by using a service like ProfitMatic I can do it in one hour, and most of this hour I spend on writing my content not building a website.

So Is ProfitMatic a scam? No it’s not, even if they don’t pay you a commission I don’t see it as a scam. It deliver a useful product that has more value of the membership fee, and they pay me the direct commission. I don’t want the spillover and I don’t want anyone to make me money when I can do it myself. ProfitMatic gives me the tools to make money online beside the bonus of making money from it directly.

ProfitMatic is a scam to those who want to make money without doing anything, losers and Failures. For them everything even a day job could be a scam.

I know you could think that I am the owner but I am not, I only defend it because I am satisfied with the tools it provide.

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