Places To See, And Lot Of Things To Do, When You Visit A Lanzarote Villa

If you are going to a apartment in Lanzarote in the near future you might be wondering where there is to visit when you are there. Well, the capital city of Lanzarote is Arrecife and that is an interesting city to visit.

Arrecife is a lively port city that took over from Teguise as the Islands capital. It is located on the south coast of the island, nestled between Costa Teguise and Puerto Del Carmen. Arrecife is also the home to the islands airport and a slight detour on the road to Puerto Del Carmen will give airplane enthusiasts a real treat as they can stand almost at the end of the runway and, dependent on wind direction, have the airplanes passing low level over their heads as they take off or land.

Half of the islands inhabitants reside in Arrecife and the location of Lanzarotes only building of above the regulation couple of floors. From miles around the islands only high rise building can be seen towering over the city. Cesar Manriques vision for the future of the island put paid to the building of any more such buildings and for decades this hotel, the Arrecife Gran Hotel, was a mere part completed shell as authorities debated completion or destruction.

As already mentioned, the traditional capital was Teguise, some siz miles further inland. This was selected as protection from the regular pirate raids of old and was the capital of the island for 450 years. It was only in 1852, when the importance of the port was recognized for the marine trade that the capital status was moved to Arrecife.

This piratical past is still remembered today as there are two castles standing guard over the harbour. Although, these days they mainly stand and watch the biggest fishing fleet in the Canaries setting to sea and returning with their catch.

If you are looking for places to see when you have booked a apartment in Lanzarote to help you escape from the beach, then visitin Timanfaya Volcano Park is a must and might be top of your list if it is your first visit to the island.

You will first drive to the car park at the visitor centre. The journey through the park is amazing. It is described as being a lunar scene and that is honestly the im pression that you do get as you look at fields of solidified volcanic lava that have been untouched since they were laid down. The area is now a protected park to help preserve this landscape.

Once you arrive at the car park at the top of the visitor center there are plenty of uniformed guides to entertain you. They will show how a bucket of water emptied down into a bore hole erupts seconds later as steam, heated ashtonishingly fast just by the heat of the rocks below the ground. Another favorite demonstration is to place some brushwood into the ground and then it is pulled out burning moments later. Again, this is just the heat of the ground.

Also within the visitor centre is a fairly unique restaurant. There are no powered ovens. Instead the food is cooked from the heat given off from a hole in the rocks. The demonstrations of the heat given off from the subterranean rocks are definitely varied!

There is also a guided coach tour from the visitor center that shows tourists a little more of the area and the rock formations. All of this makes Timanfaya, Fire Mountain, well worth a visit!

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